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Focus on Education Podcast

The Thomas R. Rosebrough Center for Educational Practice podcast consists of interviews with K-12 and higher education administrators, faculty, and students. The intent of the podcast is to provide an avenue for educators to share and communicate what is working well in their schools and classrooms.

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  • Episode 7: Dr. Kevin S. Trowbridge - Dr. Kevin Trowbridge, an Assistant Professor of Public Relations at Belmont University, is the guest on this episode of the Focus on Education podcast. The episode focuses on Google Glass and its potential application to education. The session also serves as a precursor to Dr. Trowbridge's visit to Union University on April 10, 2014, where he will speak on Learning #ThroughGlass: An Exploration of Google Glass for Education.

  • Episode 6: Dr. Thomas R. Rosebrough - Dr. Thomas R. Rosebrough is the guest on this episode of the Focus on Education podcast. Dr. Rosebrough serves as the Executive Dean of the College of Education and Human Studies and as a University Professor of Education at Union University. He is also the honorary namesake of the Rosebrough Center for Educational Practice at Union. In this session, Dr. Rosebrough discusses the writing of Transformational Teaching in the Information Age: Making Why and How We Teach Relevant to Students (ASCD), a book he co-authored with Dr. Ralph G. Leverett.

  • Episode 5: Dr. Charles Lea - Dr. Charles Lea is the guest on this episode of the Focus on Education podcast. Dr. Lea serves as the Executive Director of Union University’s Hendersonville, TN campus and as a Professor of Educational Leadership. In this session, Dr. Charles Lea discusses the mission of Union’s Hendersonville campus as well as principles of effective leadership.

  • Episode 4: Dr. Ben Phillips - Dr. Ben Phillips, an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Director of the Ed.S. and Ed.D. (P-12) programs, serves as the guest of this Focus on Education podcast session. Dr. Phillips shares what he "knows for sure" about Education and answers questions related to his educational philosophy. The session focuses on the value of instruction as a means to impart change in student understandings.

  • Episode 3: Dr. Anna Clifford - Dr. Anna Clifford, a Professor of Education and Technology Integration Specialist at Union University's School of Education, shares what she knows for sure about Education. In this podcast episode, Dr. Clifford shares her educational philosophy and participates in an interview about her philosophical understandings. Among other ideas, the value of sequential, concrete operational learning is discussed, particularly in relation to the use of technology in Education. The Biblical idea that Jesus is the Master Teacher is also shared and discussed.

  • Episode 2: Faculty Workshop on Technology and Education - Technology and Higher Education is the topic of this episode, which includes a keynote address and panel discussion about the topic. The keynote address, Thinking about Teaching, is provided by Dr. Thomas R. Rosebrough, Executive Dean of the College of Education and Human Studies at Union University. The panel is facilitated by Dr. Hunter Baker, who serves as Union's Dean of Instruction. Invited panelists include: Dr. Sharon J. Evans, Dr. Eric D. Marvin, Dr. C. Ben Mitchell, Dr. Ashok E. Philip, Dr. Gavin T. Richardson, and Dr. Andrew A. Tiger. The conversation is concluded with remarks by Dr. Gene Fant, Union's Executive Vice President for Academic Administration.

  • Episode 1: Dr. Ann Singleton - Dr. Ann Singleton, Associate Dean of Education in the College of Education and Human Studies and Professor of Special Education at Union University, tells us what she knows for sure about the field of Education.
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