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Martin Institute invites Dr. Clifford

Anna C. Clifford, Ed.D., Professor of Education

January 9, 2011 - Dr. Anna Clifford was an invited presenter to the Martin Institute 2010 Fall Conference on September 30 - October 1, 2010. The conference was held at the Presbyterian Day School in Memphis, TN. Keynote speakers included Wesley Fryer and Tom Barrett.

Dr. Clifford presented two sessions at the confenence. The session, Parent Support: Responding, highlighted the use of teaching tools for parents using VoiceThread.

“I do want to help him with his school work. But I don’t know how to do it!”

This is the cry of many parents who are indeed interested in supporting and guiding their children with school work. In an attempt to close the teaching- learning gap for the parents, mini- lessons are developed to teach skills or concepts to parents, based on the P-12 curriculum standards. VoiceThread (http://voicethread) is used to generate the mini-lessons. The multimedia mini-lessons hold selected photos, documents and video clips, integrated with voice over. A second language can be incorporated, as well. Key concepts are highlighted using the doodle feature. The collaboration feature is active, when effective. The lesson segments are embedded in or linked to class websites for parents to access

The second session, Bags Unpacked! Now what? drew participants attention to the notion of moving family vacation photos into the classroom as a teaching tool.

Where did you vacation in the summer of 2010? Whether your plans included traveling on a gondola in Italy, experiencing the eruption of Old Faithful, taking a train ride within the state of Tennessee, or picnicking in your own backyard, it is very possible you captured a teaching-learning experience for your students. Grounded in curriculum-standards, we will target the development of virtual fieldtrips. During the session, we will discuss the plans for the journey and explore various user friendly-friendly technology tools (e.g., MS: PowerPoint, MS:MovieMaker, PhotoStory 3, Flyinside, VoiceThread) to make it happen! We will wrap those curriculum standards in still pictures, digital video clips, voice over, background music, text titles and captions, and more, bringing those rich experiences into the classroom to the children.

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