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P-12 Summer Summit Teaching with Technology

Anna C. Clifford, Ed.D., Professor of Education

July 12, 2011 - Dr. Anna Clifford was among the program of presenters at the P-12 Summer Summit Teaching with Technology. The Summit was held at June 15, 2011 at Cleveland State Community College in Cleveland, Tennessee. More than 200 educators form across the area participated in the one day summit.

Dr. Clifford was invited to present two sessions. "Mama, Will You Show Me?" and SRoceialaStdudiinesg.

"Mama, Will You Show Me?"
DESCRIPTION: "I want to help him with his homework, but I don't know how!" cried Mama. Do you know parents or caregivers who find themselves in the same situation as Mama? This session attempted to close the teaching-learning gap for parents/caregivers through the development of curriculum based mini-lessons. The mini-lessons were created using VoiceThread. They are designed as independent teaching tools, and focus on the development of specific concepts and skills (e.g., blending letter sounds, placement and relationship of planets). The mini-lessons were organized and hyperlinked to the class website for easy access. Preservice teacher samples were viewed and discussed.

DESCRIPTION: Time for social studies instruction has intensified as a result of state testing in reading and mathematics and the reduction in instructional time in other subject areas. The gap between social studies goals and the curriculum that teachers are actually able to enact? (Wills, 2007). To accommodate the time-crunch and to begin to close the teaching-learning gap, an intentional integration of reading and social studies was suggested. A variety of reading programs and purposeful implementation of both low tech activities (e.g., globeballooning), as well as digital/online projects (e.g., reflective comics) were discussed. Preservice teacher samples were be shared.

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