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Fostering Children's Learning through Parent Knowledge

Michele W. Atkins, Ph.D., Chair, Institutional Review Board & Professor of Education

May 1, 2009 - Dr. Michele Atkins joined Craig Pettigrew in presenting at the Foster Care Parent Conference, a Joint Conference of Department of Childrens Services and Union University Department of Social Work in Jackson, Tennessee. Their session was titled Fostering Children's Learning through Parent Knowledge.

Children often display a spectrum of problem behaviors in the home and it is difficult to know when to seek help. Furthermore, the school system may appear to be a confusing place full of rules and regulations in which to tackle. When is a learning behavior typical? When should you seek help? If you seek help, how should you go about it? This interactive workshop provided parents and those working in the foster care system knowledge regarding characteristics of typical learning disabilities. Processes, procedures, and tips for working with the school system were also discussed. Participants engaged in discussion and role play. (April, 2009)

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