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About the Center

In the words of President David S. Dockery, "To reclaim and advance the Christian Intellectual Tradition is to serve Christ by lovingly and devotedly studying the works [written, musical, artistic, etc.] of Christians past and present, and renewing our teaching and scholarship in dialogue with them and one another." (Convocation Fall 2011) The Center for Faculty Development seeks to support and encourage faculty in the advancement of this tradition by providing the following opportunities…

New Faculty Orientation

A two-day comprehensive event before fall semester that focuses on the distinctive mission, values, history and people of Union University as well as on practical aspects of academic life.

Union Beginnings I

During fall semester new faculty meet regularly as a community to discuss the influence of the Christian faith on teaching, advising, scholarship, co-curricular learning and professional development plans at Union University.

The Collegium on Christ, Knowledge and Wisdom

A two-day event during January term for a small group of faculty to consider the integration of faith and knowledge as a natural outworking of their discipleship to Jesus Christ. Through reading, reflection, dialogue, and prayer, attending faculty grapple with the Biblical doctrines and their implications for Christians called to the academy.

Union Beginnings II

Throughout spring semester new faculty meet with a seasoned faculty member outside their department for insight and wisdom that lead to flourishing at Union University.

Fall and Winter Workshops

At the beginning of the fall and spring semesters faculty participate in an extended development opportunity that includes either departmental and interdepartmental dialogue on current topics or concurrent sessions offered by faculty colleagues and campus leaders.

In the Academy

Multiple sessions are offered each semester for all faculty regarding important aspects of professional advancement, grant opportunities, and research leave opportunities.

Faculty Dialogue Groups

Believing that iron sharpens iron, faculty facilitate discussions over lunch on selected books or topics of interest in teaching, scholarship, and the Christian faith and practice.

The Collegium on Christ, Knowledge and Wisdom II

This year-long faculty community provides an opportunity for a small group of faculty to do the critical intellectual work of considering how the Christian faith influences knowledge and learning.

Faculty Community for Significant Learning

Through committee release time, this year-long community provides an opportunity for faculty, in a setting of interdisciplinary dialogue, to invest time and energy in their specific teaching interests.

Teaching and Learning Grants

These grants are designed to enhance student learning inside and outside of the classroom. Examples of successful teaching and learning grants for conference attendance, course redesign or development or other activities are available in a notebook in the Faculty Resource Center in the Library.

Newell Innovative Teaching Award

This annual award celebrates faculty achievement of innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

"Do not assume that mere reading will suffice without fervor, speculation without devotion, investigation without admiration, observation without exaltation, industry without piety, knowledge without love, understanding without humility, study without divine grace."
-St. Bonaventure