Collegium on Christ
Knowledge & Wisdom

Upcoming Collegium

Collegium on Christ, Knowledge & Wisdom
West Jackson Baptist Church
January 20, - January 21, 2004

(We will gather Tuesday from 9:00am–4:00pm and Wednesday from 9:00-2:00pm)

Collegiums are held each January and June.

Past Collegiums
Winter 2003 | Summer 2002
Winter 2002 | Summer 2001

Winter 2001 | Summer 2000


Collegium provides Union University faculty with a concentrated opportunity to consider the integration of faith and learning as a natural outworking of discipleship to Jesus Christ.  Through reading, reflection, dialogue, and prayer, attending faculty grapple with the Biblical doctrines of creation, incarnation and redemption and their implications for Christians called to the academy.  Integration is not just an intellectual issue, it is a discipleship issue.  Thus, Collegium encourages faculty to practice spiritual disciplines, reflect on Biblical doctrine and place themselves at the feet of Christ, the author of all knowing.  Discipline specific opportunities are offered back on campus in the Continuing the Dialogue sessions.  

Those who are looking for discipline-specific faith integration should attend the Continuing the Dialogue sessions offered by the Center for Faculty Development each semester.  These sessions are designed as a follow-up to the Collegium and focus on specific faith integration questions by discipline.

To develop a clearer understanding of:

  • the history of higher education in America.
  • the vision of Christian higher education.
  • the Biblical doctrines of the Christian faith: creation, incarnation, redemption and their implications for faculty as they consider their discipline and make contributions.
  • the relationship between the practice of spiritual disciplines and the pursuit of God at the center of all knowing.
  • how faith influences learning.

Selected Readings for Reflection:

C.S. Lewis, Learning in Wartime; The Weight of Glory;

Dallas Willard; The Spirit of the Disciplines; pp 1-156.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer; The Cost of Discipleship; pp 45-86;117-128.

David S. Dockery; Integrating Faith and Learning: An Unapologetic Case for  Christian Higher Education

Topics for Discussion:

David S. Dockery; Integrating Faith and Learning: An Unapologetic Case for Christian Higher Education  

Terry Morrison; InterVarsity Faculty Ministry: The Biblical Doctrines of Creation, Incarnation, and Redemption and Implications for Faculty  

Hal Poe; An Interdisciplinary Approach to Faith Integration  

Nancy Thomas; Faith Integration: A Matter of Discipleship    


Register through the Center for Faculty Development #5378 and receive the books at that time.  Participation is limited to 12 faculty on a first come basis.

 "An appetite for knowledge and beauty exists in the human mind and God makes no appetite in vain.  We can therefore pursue knowledge as such, and beauty as such, in the sure confidence that by doing so we are either advancing to the vision of God ourselves or indirectly helping others to do so."

        C.S. Lewis, Learning in Wartime; The Weight of Glory.