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Advantages of Daily Quizzes

  • Students tend to actually read the material.

  • Students show up for class on time since the quiz always comes first.

  • Students are placed in the right attitude for learning.

  • Students feel more confident to discuss the material.

  • Students raise their grades by simply reading the material.

  • The start of class is signaled.

  • The quiz provides a good lead-in for either a lecture or discussion of the material.

  • Students grow curious about the answers.  At the end of class (when the suspense is killing them), I usually answer any quiz question that didn't naturally pop up during class.

  • The easy chance to do well gives students a feeling of self-esteem.

  • 40 quizzes can be graded in about five minutes, and I don't feel a need to ask factual questions on tests just to see if they've read the material.

  • Students are provided with a real foundation for intellectual growth (How can a student truly learn to interpret a work without knowing the facts?  Note the case study method in law school depends on the students first grasping the essential facts of the case).

Charlie Sweet
Eastern Kentucky

SOURCE:  Blythe, Hal & Sweet, Charlie, It Works for Me!  Shared Tips for Teaching.  New Forums Press, Inc., Stillwater, OK, 1998.

"The way to be confortable is not by having our barns filled, but our minds quiet."
-Thomas Watson, 17th century English, non-conformist, Puritan preacher