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Library Support for the Classroom


Summar Library at Union University offers support to faculty and their students in a variety of ways. 

Faculty can request that special materials be prepared to enhance the classroom teaching.

§         Materials can showcase helpful Reference Materials located in the library with an annotated bibliography in the subject area.

§         Annotated webliographies of Internet sites can be prepared of professional association websites, educational sites, and online fulltext journals. [This is best shared in the context of teaching students the wide variety, and usefulness, of the web.]

§         Special library assignments can be constructed, to be graded by the faculty member, which acquaint students with the library resources necessary for the particular class. 

Faculty may also request that a professional librarian instruct their students in the use of any (or all) of the following:

§         Locating books, scores, and media in the library on their topic

§         Using reference materials correctly

§         Locating journal articles through a variety of online databases, whether online or in print/microfiche in the library

§         Using the Internet to locate accurate, reliable information

§         Citing accurately sources discovered during the research process 

This instruction can take place during one (or more) class periods, or after class if the faculty member wishes to make attendance required. The instruction can occur in the library’s new Instruction Lab, in a lab in the Computer Center, or in the classroom itself. 

In all instruction, the professional reference librarians seek to go beyond teaching a specific tool (regardless of format) to teach lifelong learning skills, including how to articulate an information need, how to select search terms to produce the desired results, and how to evaluate the quality of those results.  Please note that it is always to the benefit of the students for the faculty member to remain in the classroom while instruction takes place, thus showing their support of the librarian and the importance they believe the knowledge and skills to have. 

All Union students have access, whether on or off campus, to the online card catalog and databases. They have InterLibrary Loan privileges which allow them to request (free of charge) books and articles not owned by Summar Library. In addition, each discipline of the University has a library staff person assigned to the discipline with educational experience in that field. A student may request for on-the-spot help or set up a more in-depth instruction time with the discipline specialist by contacting the library staff member. 

Faculty members should contact Melissa Moore, Reference Librarian & Team Leader for Public Services (mmoore@uu.edu), or John Jaeger, Reference Librarian & Extended Campus Services Coordinator (jjaeger@uu.edu), to arrange for materials and/or instruction.

"Do not assume that mere reading will suffice without fervor, speculation without devotion, investigation without admiration, observation without exaltation, industry without piety, knowledge without love, understanding without humility, study without divine grace."
-St. Bonaventure