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Germantown Nursing Simulation Event A Success

Oct 21, 2010 - Wednesday, October 20th was an exciting day on the Germantown campus. Professor Pat Keene (far right in photo below) and members of the Germantown undergraduate nursing faculty conducted a simulation scenario titled, Traumatic Death: An Emergency Department Simulation. This scenario was unique and special because representatives from two important community organizations participated, Hospital Wing and the Midsouth Foundation for Organ Donation.

Early that morning, students and others gathered outside to observe the Hospital Wing helicopter, piloted by Curt Wren, land on the Germantown campus front lawn. Flight nurse, Jan Weatherred, RN, BSN and flight paramedic, Jeremy Cifaldi quickly delivered a young accident victim (simulator) to the Emergency Department nursing staff of fictitious Union University Hospital. The scenario was further enhanced by Brent Manseau, RN, BSN, who participated throughout the scenario in his real-life advocacy role for the Midsouth Organ Donation Foundation.

Professor Glynis Blackard was the Emergency Department supervisor. Senior Germantown BSNA students participated in the scenario. Katie Rutherford, Janet Garcia, Michelle Baxter, Rachel Lester, Zabrina Thurman, and June Clifton participated as the nurses for the simulation. Laurie Yeargin, Jacob Sluder, and Keona Washington played the part as siblings and best friend of the accident victim. Wendy Glass, Undergraduate Nursing Coordinator, played the mother of the accident victim. Dr. Jim Ellis, Director of Continuing Studies was the chaplain. Following this emotional scenario, Professors Donna Sachse and Connie Cupples conducted a debriefing session with the attendees and participants.

The event was attended by Dr. Jimmy Davis, Vice President of Regional Campuses, several Germantown campus staff, Professor Rosemary McLaughlin and undergraduate students from the Jackson campus, and the Germantown campus BSNA students. Additionally, Ron Blackard of Central Church and spouse of Glynis Blackard attended and took photographs of the event. Tabitha Washburn provided IT assistance and many other helps to ensure a quality production.

It was an emotional day as well as educational. At the end of the event there were very few dry eyes in the room. Comments were made by students calling it "the best simulation experience” they have had.

Simulators are life like manikins that breathe, have a blood pressure, heart rate, and talk. The simulators can die and can respond to CPR. The simulators are used to teach nursing students assessments, skills, and to critically think and appropriately respond to true to life patient scenarios.

Review More Photos by Charles Lajeunesse from the Collierville Herald

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What Our Students Are Saying...

"Really enjoyed this sim lab. Helped me to understand what I need to do in respiratory failure."