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Although painting as a traditional medium in art has changed little in technique and practice since the 15th century, the thought processes, inspiration, philosophy and aesthetic concerns have all changed, often radically, and are of great importance to the student who desires to pursue painting as a field of study. Painting at Union is a skill-based program that attempts to combine the best that both tradition and the contemporary art world have to offer. We encourage our students to “think Christianly” about all aspects of the art-making process from the functional to the conceptual, understanding and perhaps challenging the established modes of thinking about paint in the art world, the church and society in general.

The Drawing/Painting Lab is located in the Penick Building and supports multiple courses. The lab is outfitted with easels, stools, art storage, safety equipment and proper ventilation for many types of materials as well as the tools necessary for the construction of painting supports. Private studio space in painting may be awarded to deserving students for the pursuit of individual research.

Rachel Moore and Katherine Crutcher, sophomore art majors, paint their still life assignments for painting class.


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