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Biology Classroom 1Welcome back to Union University! Thanks for stopping in to visit us again. Lots of things have changed around the Biology Department, and we hope that these positive changes will continue into the future. A change that may be new since you attended the school is our move into White Hall in the summer of 2007. The facility provides a fantastic environment for a new generation of biologists to explore God's creation. We have also added a number of new faculty and instructional staff. Our most recent additions include Dr. Michael Schiebout (2012) and Dr. William Thierfelder (2014) as tenure-track faculty, as well as Drs. Tony Wamble (2011) and Lisa Conway (2012) as instructional staff.

In order to keep up with the change that is taking place, we have developed a Departmental Newsletter, which is published once in the Fall and once in the Spring. This newsletter will provide faculty and alumni profiles, an update from the chair, and keep you updated on other interesting departmental news. Please be looking for new issues. If you haven’t received a copy of our newsletter and you would like to, please provide Kelly Farrar (2012) with your current contact information. We encourage you to update us on your contact information, current life situation, or anything else you’d like to let us know about.

Finally, we could use your help. As our facilities, faculty, and student population grow, we ask for your prayers as we continue striving to train and mentor our students. Of course, we could also use your financial help. While White Hall provides tremendous space and opportunity, we still need additional equipment, materials, and resources to enable us to provide ongoing undergraduate scholarship experiences, both in teaching labs and in one-on-one mentoring relationships with faculty.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support of the Biology Department at Union.

In Christ,
Dr. Mark Bolyard
Biology Department Chair

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