• May 1, 2009 – Dr. Tracy Hamilton, University of Alabama, Birmingham, “Theoretical Studies of Natural and Synthetic Retinoids Binding to Retinoid X Receptors”
  • April 24, 2009 – Dr. Keith Hollis, University of Mississippi, “Tridentate CCC-NHC Carbenes: Synthetic Method Development and Applications in Organic Synthesis and Nanomaterials.”
  • April 17, 2009 – Dr. Tommy Sewell, University of Missouri, “Shocking Studies of Energetic Materials Properties and Behaviors”
  • April 10, 2009 – Dr. John McLean, Vanderbilt University, “Structural Separations by Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry: New Prospects for Complex Biological Systems”
  • March 2, 2009 - Dr. Benjamin Linger, University of Cincinnati, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Telomere: Journey to the end of the chromosome in Tetrahymena Thermophila"


  • November 14, 2008, Chemistry Seminar, "Mechanisms of Hydrocarbon Oxidation, Pyrolysis, and Soot Formation" by Dr. Wesley Allen, Chemistry Professor, University of Georgia
  • November 13, 2008, Science/Faith Lecture, "Is a Christian Foundation for Science Outrageous?" Dr. Wesley Allen, Chemistry Professor, University of Georgia
  • October 24, 2008, Dr. Jerry Thornthwaite, Full Professor of Chemistry and Engineering Sciences from Freed-Hardeman University gave a presentation entitled, "The Formulation."
  • September 18, 2008, Otis Rothenberger and James Webb, Professors Emeritus of Chemistry, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois on "Is It Chemistry.or Magic?"


  • April 20, 2007 Dr. Omar Hamada, a Union alumnus and retired military doctor returned to present a talk entitled "Combat Casualty Care in Special Operations."
  • April 13, 2007, Dr. Stephen M. Testa of the University of Kentucky presented his research entitled "Nucleic Acids, Disease, and You."
  • April 13, 2007, Dr. Joseph Ackerman, a William Greenleaf Eliot Professor of Chemistry, and Chair of the Department of Chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis Missouri presented his research entitled "Magnetic Resonance Imaging and the Diffusion of Water - Physical Chemistry and Biophysics Meet Radiology."
  • April 13, 2007, Dr. Anjaparavanda P. Naren of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center presented a talk on his research into the macromolecular complexes CFTR, NHERF2, LPA2, and Rolin secretory diarrhea.
  • March 23, 2007, Dr. Gregory S. Tschumper of the University of Mississippi presented his research project on "Chemistry without Chemicals: An Introduction to and Applications of Computationsl Chemistry."


  • November 3, 2006, Alumni speakers John Guthrie, Pharm D of Jackson Madison County General Hospital, Miss Ruth Hall, High School Chemistry Teacher in Cahokia, Illinois, Omar L. Hamada MD, of Smyrna Tennessee and Jeff Fletcher DDS of Paris, Tennessee, Alumni Award given to 1980 Alumnus Barry Jarnigan MD, Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.
  • October 24, 3006, Mr. Keith Butler, Chemistry Laboratory Supervisor, American Ordinance LLC, Milan, Tennessee presented "The Chemistry of Explosives"
  • September 15, 2006, the Chemistry Department hosted a SAACS Seminar led by Dr. Jimmy Davis, Vice President for Germantown Campus entitled "Ethics in Science".
  • April 28, 2006, Departmental Seminar at Union University , "A Random Walk Through Liquid Chromatography," given by John Dorsey, Ph. D.
  • April 21, 2006, Departmental Seminar, "Organometallic Chemistry In Water; Application to Green Chemistry and Synthesis to Biomolecules." given by Kevin Shaughnessy, Ph. D.
  • March 17, 2006, Departmental Seminar, "Carbon Nanotubes in Polymer Composites" given by George Schatz, Ph. D.


  • October 28, 2005, Dr. Michael Hayes, one of Union University's distinguished chemistry alumni gave the presentation "Union University's Climate Change Study Project".
  • September 22, 2005, Dr. John R. Marquart, Eastern Illinois University, "Caves-Worlds within the World."


  • October 25, 2004, Dr. Richard E. Lee from the University of Tennessee Pharmacy School gave a presentation entitled, "Designing and Developing New Antimicrobial Agents."
  • February 20-21, 2004, Courtney Shellabarger Morgan, M.D.," Career Choices Within the Field of Pharmacy," W. Clay Jackson, M.D. "Post-modern Medicine, Human Knowledge and Experience," Robert T. Davis (Manager Super D Drugs, Jackson) "Don't Forget".
  • Additional 2004, Dr. Norman Hackerman, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Robert A. Welch Foundation spoke on "A Future of Chemistry" at the joint meeting of Kentucky/Lake Memphis ACS Sections; Dr. Dimitri Babikov: Postdoctoral Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory was the National Chemistry Keynote Speaker and presented "Quantum Origin of Anomalous Isotope Effect in Ozone Formation"; Dr. William T. Cooper, of Florida State University spoke to SAACS members and other students and faculty on "The Characterization of Humic Substances Using Mass Spectrometry"; SAACS attendees heard presentations by green chemistry pioneers, Paul Anastas, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Berkeley W. Cue with Pfizer on Real World Examples of Green Chemistry at the 27th Annual Area Collegiate Chemistry Meeting.