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Why Engineering?

Engineering is a challenging and rewarding field that allows you to put your creativity to work every day. Engineers turn ideas into reality as they search for quicker, better, and less expensive ways to use the forces and materials of nature to solve today’s global problems. If you are curious about how things work, like to solve problems, and want to create things that change the world in which we live, consider a career in engineering. Engineers work in a broad spectrum of industries, and the starting salaries for new engineers are consistently among the highest for recent college graduates. You can learn more about engineering as a career from a variety of websites, including IEEE and ASME. The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes salary and career outlook data annually.

A degree in engineering also provides an excellent foundation for a wide variety of other careers. Many engineers with leadership skills move into management positions; in fact, 33% of Fortune 500 CEOs have undergraduate degrees in engineering. Engineering majors have high rates of acceptance to medical school and law school. And while it is difficult to find published statistics, we are personally aware of many engineers who have served in ministry through local pastorates and on the mission field.

Why Engineering at Union?

engineering-about-s14.jpgUnion engineering students enjoy small classes taught by caring and competent professors. Courses in the engineering curriculum maintain a strong focus on application and design, and many courses employ some form of project-based learning to reinforce theory taught in the classroom. The Union engineering degree includes the math, science, and engineering courses required to work as an engineer, but it also includes a strong liberal arts component that helps our students develop a global vision – a huge asset in our increasingly complex world.

Our department is committed to using engineering as an avenue for service and missions. We want our students to see that engineering is primarily about the people who use engineered products rather than the products themselves, and we want to equip them to use engineering skills to advance the cause of Christ throughout our world.

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