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"The ’unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics’ in uncovering the structure of the physical world (to use Eugene Wigner’s pregnant phrase) is a hint of the presence of the Creator, given to us creatures who are made in the divine image."
Reverend Dr. John Polkinghorne, Belief in God in an Age of Science

Dr. Nettles uses a telescope to show students sunspots and solar prominences

Physicists set about to understand the physical universe at a fundamental level, from the subatomic to the cosmic.

Einstein’s belief that "the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it can be comprehended" is one shared especially by those physicists who recognize the Creator’s artistry in the universe’s origins and sustenance. At Union University, a Christian institution of higher learning, we stress a holistic approach to the training of physicists by extolling the Creator God as well as the creation itself, and we mentor students who tackle our challenging curriculum.