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Union Students Attend TISL

Nov 26, 2012

 Delegates from Union University to the 43rd General Assembly of the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature earned the Best House Delegation award for their role in the proceedings Nov. 15-18 in Nashville.

TISL is a statewide organization formed in 1966 to give college students a voice in state government. The nonpartisan organization convenes a General Assembly each year, for students to introduce debate and vote on legislation about state issues.

Eighteen Union University students participated in the event.

The Best House Delegation is chosen by the executive council based on the recommendation of the speaker, speaker pro tem and chief clerk of the House of Representatives. Union’s delegation was chosen from among the 39 colleges and universities represented at the assembly.

Sophomore Jenaye White, a political science minor, was one of 10 legislators who received the Carlisle Award, TISL’s oldest and most prestigious award. Junior Brooks Brasfield was named Best New Senator.

Union junior Michael Adkisson served as speaker pro tem of the Senate and senior Kirby Lewis, a political science major, served as the Supreme Court’s chief justice.

Next year, junior Luke Trammel, another political science major, will serve in the Senate. Trammel was elected to serve as lieutenant governor and president of the Senate during next year’s assembly. Trammel’s year-long role includes planning workshops and recruiting more universities to participate in TISL.

Trammel said serving in the Union Student Government Association’s Senate meetings prepared him well for being involved at TISL and for presiding over the TISL Senate next year.

“We try to structure Senate at Union like the real legislature, so that will definitely be a big help in preparing for next year,” Trammel said. “TISL is as realistic as possible. It is a hands-on experience ... and also a great networking tool to meet new people and to increase your group of friends.”

revision of a story by Samantha Adams from Union University Media Relations