2012 Student Film Festival

Long-Form Films

Crimson & Black

Adam Scott woke up regretting seeing another day. Follow him as he moves through his day and crosses paths with an untimely guest who just might have the secret to Adam's future, and the answer to his question: "Why Am I Here?"

Director, Cinematographer and Editor: William A. Rowland

Completion Date: March 2012

Running Time: 13:16

Coffee Talk

Two college graduates reunite in a coffee shop and reminiscence on the good ole days.

Director and Co-Editor: Cameron Puckett

Cinematographers: Joshua Bullis

Completion Date: March 2012

Running Time: 11:39

Short-Form Films

A Glimpse

A guy learns everything about his dream girl and wins her over by becoming her perfect man. But in doing so, he loses himself.

Director & Editor: Ben Wright

Cinematographers: Ben Wright, Josh Rhyne, Michael Cole and Zac Lyons

Completion Date: May 2011

Running Time: 6:03

Thick As Thieves

Madison has one choice to make - the life of a newborn or life with a loved one. A confessional dramedy, Madison recounts her journey through the past few days that lead her to confessing her sins at a church.

Director: Treasure M. Hightower

Completion Date: March 2012

Running Time: 6:51

Facebook Page: Thick As Thieves

Primeval Light

Zach has been raised in a society that centers around technology & life lived solely in the home, when he becomes curious about the sun & decides to venture out. What he finds is beyond anything he can imagine & comes to see that life is more than living comfortably.

Director, Cinematographer and Editor: Julia E. Hembree

Completion Date: March 2012

Running Time: 4:46

Breathing Fire!

This short is part of the UU Update Series and follows Christian as he prepares for the Chemistry Department Fire & Lights presentation. This film was also shot exclusively on an iPod Touch.

Director, Cinematographer and Editor: Ben Haws

Completion Date: December 2011

Running Time: 4:54

The Man Who Desperately Wanted To Fly

This short stop motion animation was made for my History of Animation class. We took all of the pictures with only one hour until sunset. More than 600 photos were taken over all.

Director and Editor: Ben Haws

Cinematographer: Aaron Rowland

Completion Date: February 2012

Running Time: 1:26


This 60 second commercial was made for our final group project in Principles of Advertising. We shot the footage in one day, and we ate a lot of cookies.

Production Team: Ben Haws & Kendrah Loh

Completion Date: November 2011

Running Time: 1:00

A Making Of: A Film About The Stresses of Film Making

A comedy about the stresses of coming up with a film concept. An exercise in improv acting.

Co-Director, Cinematographer & Editor: Peyton Penuel

Co-Director: Devin Hall

Completion Date: March 2012

Running Time: 4:43

One Day

A young man's reflection on the ups and downs of his relationship with his girlfriend intertwines with the song "One Day" by The Years.

Director, Co-Cinematographer & Editor: Beth Watson

Co-Cinematographers: Ben Haws & Ming Tay

Completion Date: March 2012

Running Time: 4:47