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Film Screening

We will be showing the film, "KJB: The Book that Changed the World", produced by Norman Stone (BBC's "Shadowlands") and starring John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones).

Norman Stone is an experienced, award-winning director who has directed and produced TV and film since 1975. Employed as the BBC's youngest producer/director, he initially worked in the Everyman documentary strand and established his career in 1984 when he invented, developed and directed Shadowlands for BBC1. This gained him two Bafta awards, an International Emmy, and the Prague D'Or for Best Director. Stone has directed a number of top TV dramas including two Miss Marples and two Catherine Cooksons, winning another International Emmy for The Black Velvet Gown starring Bob Peck and Janet McTeer. Other awards include a Bafta for the Omnibus special on the life of Dudley Moore, After the Laughter, an Andrew Cross Award for best documentary of the year for The Tartan Pimpernel and a Golden Remi for his first feature film Man Dancin', which he created and directed in his home town of Glasgow.