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Thursday, Sept. 15

6:00 Banquet - Plenary 1 (Grant Center)
Timothy George: "William Tyndale and the Making of the English Bible"
8:30 Musical Program (Savage Memorial Chapel)
"Sounding through the Centuries:
The Influence of the King James Version over four hundred years of musical composition"

Friday, Sept. 16

8:30 Historic Bibles, Texts, and Artifacts Exhibit Presentation (Grant Center)
10:00 Chapel - Plenary 2 (Savage Memorial Chapel)
John Woodbridge - "The Status of Biblical Authority among Europeans at the Creation of the King James Bible"
11:15 Lunch - Deli Buffet (Grant Center)
12:00 Feature Film - "KJB: The Book that Changed the World" (Grant Center)
2:00 Breakout 1 (Penick Academic Complex-Classrooms)
3:30 Breakout 2 (Penick Academic Complex-Classrooms)
5:00 Dinner - Plenary 3 (Grant Center)
Leland Ryken - "What Makes the King James Version Great?"
7:30 Play - Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale" (Powell Theater)

Saturday, Sept. 17

8:30 Breakout 3 (Penick Academic Complex-Classrooms)
9:45 Breakout 4 (Penick Academic Complex-Classrooms)
11:15 Plenary 4 (Grant Center)
Leland Ryken - "The Legacy of the King James Bible"