Read, Pray, Sing: The Psalms as an Entryway to the Scriptures - April 12-13, 2013

Christians have long recognized the importance and value of the Psalms for worship and spiritual formation. The Psalms have been central to the life and worship of the people of God through the centuries even though they are less prominent in many churches today. Martin Luther called the Psalms a “mini-Bible” stating that all the key themes of the Bible are summarized here.

Thus, as we are faced with a culture and a church which is increasingly unaware of the key themes of the Bible and not shaped by its truths, the Psalms provide a strategic entryway for helping people grasp and be shaped by the Bible. The Psalms with their evocative imagery, prayers and songs help us to experience the truths of God’s words in the midst of life and worship. And if we recover the practices of singing and praying the Psalms, we can help ourselves and others encounter God and his truths in powerful ways.

We are blessed to have wonderful speakers this year to help us engage the Psalms as we seek to know God through his word.

A Guide to Resources for Singing and Praying the Psalms (.pdf)

Plenary Speakers

Andy Davis
Heath Thomas

Comments from Previous Conference Attendees

The conference encouraged me, challenged me and gave me confidence.
We were so encouraged and equipped by this excellent conference.
Many thanks for a great conference ... West Tennessee will continue to benefit from these labors.
This conference was beyond words. You could feel the presence of God in all the sessions. All of the speakers were great.
I had a great time and count it as one of the most profitable conference experiences to date.
The conference was excellent! ...This was a great service to the King and his Kingdom.
As in previous years, the conference was a wonderful experience for all who participated.
I came away with a tremendous respect and appreciation for a school like Union University and its apparent commitment to holding up the Bible as sufficient for all of life.
The conference was fantastic! Listening to the teaching made me think of the church staying up all night to hear Paul teach. I'm sure I had that much joy in my heart hearing the word taught during the plenary sessions.