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Software Purchasing FAQs

Specific guidelines, requirements and license agreements determine how and when a Union student or employee is able to purchase and download software for use on a personally-owned computer. Frequently asked questions are provided below to help as you obtain software. Some FAQs apply to OnTheHub's Union-focused software-purchasing services at uu.onthehub.com while other FAQs apply to specific software companies' services.

What authorization do I need to purchase through OnTheHub or other sites?

During the OnTheHub purchase process, you will be asked to log in with your Union account information. At other companies' sites, you may be asked for your Union e-mail address.

As a student, what purchasing options do I have through OnTheHub?

All software available to students is listed on the Students tab in the OnTheHub site at uu.onthehub.com, as part of the StudentSelect program. Students are not eligible for employee-focused WorkAtHome pricing.

As an employee, what purchasing options and requirements do I have through OnTheHub?

At uu.onthehub.com, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.) and Microsoft Windows can be licensed for as little as $25.00 each for WorkAtHome (WAH) use. As the name implies, under this agreement you are not allowed to use the software at home for non-work purposes. In addition, when you are no longer employed by Union, you are obligated to remove the software from your computer.

If you expect to use the software for non-work purposes or if you want to use it after you leave employment here, you should purchase the software using the StudentSelect pricing within the OnTheHub site. The prices will be higher than if you use WAH pricing, but they will still be lower than standard academic pricing.

Employees are not eligible for the free version of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus available to students.

As an employee, may I purchase from both WorkAtHome and StudentSelect?

Yes, Microsoft software may be purchased through both options.

How long may I use the software?

License agreements vary by company and by purchase method.

For software purchased under the Students tab of the OnTheHub site, be sure to notice the type of license agreement provided for the specific software - 6-month rental, 12-month rental, perpetual (never-ending, for this version of the software), etc.

For employees using WorkAtHome licensing (explained above), the software may be used on a perpetual basis but must be removed when the person is no longer employed by the university, or when the university's license agreement ends.

Can I download the software immediately?

In most cases, yes. Unless a specific program is not offered via download, you can buy the software and install it at any time.

Do I have the option to get a DVD copy of the software?

Yes. If you choose the option to get the software on a DVD, it will be mailed to you. You will have to pay a slightly higher price for this option.

Can I download the software immediately and get a DVD?

Generally no, as this would require you to purchase the software twice.

May I install a copy of the software on more than one computer?

The employee WorkAtHome licensing (explained above) allows installation on only one computer.

Please read the license agreements for other software regarding use on more than one computer.

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus can be used until the student's my.uu.edu email account is no longer active.

May I purchase more than one licensed copy of a program?

Does the purchase price include upgrades?

You should be able to get any free updates offered to the general public, by going to the software company's web site. For example, if you purchase Microsoft Office through OnTheHub, you would go to Microsoft's web site for updates to Office.

This would include "patches" or "bug fixes" - small updates to fix known problems. Patches are typically identified by a change in software versioning numbering such as 3.0.1, 3.0.2, etc. Free updates could also include larger changes that may add a few new features, known as service packs. Service packs are typically identified by software version changes such as 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc.

You should not expect to get a major version upgrade as a part of your purchase. A major upgrade would be indicated by a difference in numbering such as 3.5 changing to 4.0, version 2011 changing to version 2014, etc. To upgrade to the latest major version, you will need to repurchase the software. (Exception: Upgrades to Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus may be included.)

May I purchase through StudentSelect or WorkAtHome if I am not a part of Union?

No. These licensing options are available only to our current students or current employees.

May I purchase through Union if I am a student or employee of another school?

No. You need to contact that school about its academic licensing opportunities.

If I have questions about my own computer, where can I get answers?

Information about computers for personal use can be found here.

What policies apply to use of technology at Union?

See www.uu.edu/it/policies/aup.cfm

Updated August 4, 2014

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