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Ellucian GO is a mobile-device application (app) that provides free and convenient access to University resources and services. If you need to download the app or if you need to learn more about its general purposes, visit the Ellucian GO app Overview page

Ellucian GO resources, services and use

To see the app's main list of resources and services, slide the Home screen to the right or tap the three-bar menu icon at the top left of the Home screen. You can use either method on most screens in the app.

Each group name below (e.g., Public Information) corresponds to a group of resources in the app. To hide any group (except Actions), tap its header in the app menu.

Tap any Ellucian GO item in the list to access its resource or service.

Note: Some information, such as courses or grades, may take 12 to 24 hours to appear in Ellucian GO. For example, if you add or drop a course, it may be several hours before you see the change in the app. For more up-to-date information, visit portal.uu.edu on a tablet or computer.

Public Information - resources and services available to anyone who downloads the app; no sign-in required

Requires Sign-in - private resources and services available only to current students and employees - requires your University username/password
(Note: Your private information may take a few moments to load; also, for security reasons, you are automatically signed out after a few minutes of inactivity.)

Trending - events or announcements of special significance

Connect With Union - get to know Union's president... plus our primary social media content, website, magazine and student newspaper

Weather - WeatherUnderground reports for the three primary campuses


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