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Employee File Storage

Each employee is provided storage space on the university network to store files, e-mail, etc. Files stored on those drives are backed up nightly. If you save files on your computer's hard drive, you are responsible for their backup.

When logged into a university computer, Windows PC users can access their network drives by going to the Start menu or the desktop and then opening My Computer (or sometimes just Computer). Mac users can access their network drives on campus by first going to the Finder, selecting the Go menu, Connect To Server; then type smb://uufiles.uu.edu

Your space is allocated on three network drives/folders.

When you are off campus, you can access these drives anywhere you have internet service by logging into the web site files.uu.edu. To open a file, double-click its name; from the menu that appears, select Download. This saves a copy of the file to the local computer you are using. You can then open the copy, make changes to it and save it to back to your local computer. Because you are working with a copy of the file...

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