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Ellucian Colleague

Colleague is the university's administration information system, a product of Ellucian. Colleague is used to support the following kinds of information and work.

All students and employees have access to some Colleague information and services using WebAdvisor, described below.

Employees who need to perform advanced work in Colleague must be approved for this level of access. This advanced type of work is typically referenced in the employee's job description. Employees needing the ability to enter/process academic or financial records must complete this form and send it to the Academic Center.

Any employee approved for Colleague use can access the system by using the Colleague UI link in the Applications section of portal.uu.edu or by going to ui.uu.edu

All training for Colleague use is provided by the employee's department of employment.

Union University institutional data will not be released to internal, external, graduate or undergraduate students at this time. - Senior Leadership Team - October 2, 2012


The portal provides information sharing and collaboration for the university's two main internal constituent groups, employees and students. A detailed overview of the portal can be found here. Its services include those provided by WebAdvisor.


WebAdvisor allows you to access a variety of academic and financial resources. You can do this using the portal or the WebAdvisor web site. A detailed overview of WebAdvisor can be found here.

ServiceU Event Scheduling and Registration

ServiceU is Union's room-reservation and support-service system that provides staff and faculty the ability to reserve meeting and general-use space for events, conferences, meetings, and more. Moreover, it provides a single repository for requesting technology or media services, catering, and room-setup services related to an event.

To use ServiceU, you must be a registered user and sign in at my.serviceu.com

SmartEvals - Online Evaluation of Courses

Union University utilizes SmartEvals to facilitate online evaluation of courses throughout each term.

Students are emailed links to the evaluations for courses in which they are registered. They receive early access to end-of-term grades when completing all surveys early.

Faculty members are able to view results immediately upon closure of the survey period, receiving timely feedback for each course. Click here for faculty log-in


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