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The PaperWise system helps Union to manage costs and to be good steward of our resources. PaperWise applies to all student printing. PaperWise may also be used for student copying in the library on the Jackson campus.

Keep these policies in mind as you decide what to print or copy. The 'free print' limit includes both pages you print and pages you copy.

Below are some FAQs about the PaperWise program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Union determine the free print limits?

Our research found that over 75% of all students print 450 pages or less per semester.

But I'm a "X" major? Don't I need a higher printing allowance?

Our research found no correlation between "high print users" (those printing over 450 pages per semester) and any particular major. Faculty know that a printing cap is in place.

How will I know how many pages I have left?

When you print directly from any program on a student-area computer, a PaperWise box will appear on your screen reminding you of how many pages you have remaining to print.

What if I run out of pages?

You can purchase additional pages (cash only). On the Jackson campus, visit the Library. On the Germantown campus, visit the Receptionist or Student Accounts. The cost is

Once you buy a card, log into printing.uu.edu and enter the code number after you log in. You do not need to keep the card or remember the code. The additional pages will automatically appear on your balance.

What if I visit another Union campus?

The PaperWise system supports all campuses through one central location, so you can print when on another Union campus in the same way you print when on your normal campus.

Do my free pages or the extra pages I buy roll over?

Purchased pages do roll over to the next term. Free pages you are given do not roll over.

What if I am printing pages for my organization?

All University-recognized organizations will be allowed 200 free prints per semester for the organization. If your organization would like to print material from a printer located on campus, we encourage the campus organization to identify someone who will do the most printing (posters, flyers, etc.) This representative may pick up the free printing cards for the organization in the Office of Student Leadership Development (located in the back of the Campus Ministries Suite). Your organization may also purchase extra print cards with organizational funds beyond your free prints. If paying by cash, organizations may purchase extra print cards at the Library. If your organization has a university account and wishes to have extra print cards charged to the account, these cards must be purchased through the Office of Student Leadership Development (located in the back of the Campus Ministries Suite).

Material can also be copied and printed for a nominal cost in University Services located in the Student Union Building. Please give one week's notice to have an item printed or copied. If your organization has an official account with the university, you may charge your copies. If not, please be prepared to pay cash. Submit materials via e-mail to printing@uu.edu.

Can I print from my personal computer/laptop/device?

Yes, you can use the PawPrint system to do this. Learn more about PawPrint. PawPrint and PaperWise work together for seamless print monitoring, whether you print from a Union computer or using PawPrint from your own device. The next time you print from a university computer, you will notice that your print count has been reduced by the number of pages you printed using PawPrint.

What do I do if I printed something by mistake?

If you print an item that you did not want to print, no refunds can be given.

However, refund considerations will be given if toner was low to the point where the print job could not be read or if there was a printer error.

What is the refund process?

  1. Click on "details" in the upper right hand corner of the PaperWise "balance box" or log into printing.uu.edu
  2. Click "Recent print jobs"
  3. Click "Request refund"
  4. Enter the reason for the request
  5. The issue will be reviewed and approved within two business days. You will get an e-mail confirming/denying the request. If approved, pages will be added to your balance.
  6. Refunds can only be handled by this process. Library personnel cannot process any refunds.

Are there other print options?

Yes. Jackson's University Services is located in the middle of the Barefoot Student Union Building. You can take your document there in person or e-mail printing requests to printing@uu.edu . The cost is $0.05 a page, which is not associated with your PaperWise account. You will need to pick up your printing in person. Please allow 24 hours for printing.

If you have your own printer, it of course is not associated with the PaperWise system.

What are some ways I can print wisely?

  1. Use the print preview function before printing.
  2. Send papers via e-mail (if approved by your teacher).
  3. Save documents to a flashdrive or to other storage for later use.

Any other suggestions?

Did you know that the Century Gothic font is considered the "greenest" font since it requires the least amount of ink/toner?

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