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Welcome to TechBrief, a regular e-newsletter to keep you informed of the latest happenings in Information Technology at Union University.

In this issue, you'll learn about...

  • where to find the services you need
  • Union's mobile app and our support of your mobility
  • Recruiter - a new tool for tracking prospective students
  • how to look up a student's UU email address in three clicks
  • viewing chapel and other live events online

IT   Finding services, sites you need

University links now centralized in Information Technology website, portal

With approximately 20 distinct sites/services for students and for employees, it's hard to remember all of them. You can now learn two addresses and use those to get all the services we provide now or in the future. - The IT website has links to all major IT-provided services. Reset your password, ask for help, or get to student-specific or employee-specific links. Whether it's mobile device support or discounted software, it's all there on the QuickLinks toolbar. - The portal centralizes resources for current students and employees. This includes Moodlerooms classes, Union email/calendar, WedAdvisor services like academic and financial information, and for employees access to the Colleague administrative database. There are also student- and employee-specific UU Bookmarks.

You're mobile
We're mobile

Union's mobile app and
support for your mobility

"Do you have an app for my phone? Can I get to my network files when I'm off campus? Can I attend a webinar on my tablet?" Yes, yes and yes!


Questions like these are more common... and we've centralized the answers. The Support for mobility link on takes you to From there you can go to app stores for University-related tools. Other topics include email access, access to services by device type and cellular service discounts.

To read about and to get Union's app, on, open the Mobile Apps section and visit the MOX support page. It's free for anyone who wants it - prospective students, current students, employees, parents, alumni or friends.

Recruiter Recruiter system aids admissions

New tool for tracking prospective students

Union has a powerful new tool named Recruiter to help recruit new students. Undergraduate Admissions is now using this CRM (customer relationship management) module as its prospect database.


With Ellucian Recruiter, a prospective student can check the status of the application and supplemental items needed for acceptance. This self-service supports the counselor's personal contacts, giving Union greater visibility into the communications that are happening with prospects. In the future, programs such as Nursing will use Recruiter for similar work with other their prospective students.

If you have questions, contact John Windham in Undergraduate Admissions.

How to: Looking up a UU email address

Email students, employees quickly


Anyone inside the University can find a student's or employee's email address and picture within three clicks in the portal.

On the UU Resources menu, go to UU Contact Directories & Pictures. Traditional undergraduates, non-traditional undergraduates, graduate students and employees have their own directory. Each directory includes email addresses and photos.

Chapel View live events online

Chapel services
available now

Chapel services from Jackson are now accessible by going to the chapel website and using the Watch Chapel Services Live link. services allow the University to stream events to other parts of a campus, to other campuses or to people away from campus. The equipment provides high-quality video/audio and is much smaller and less expensive than previous solutions.

In the future, commencements, special conferences and archived events will be added.

You can view a LiveStream event on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. To find out more, visit IT's Support for mobility page and read the Mobile Apps section.

If you have questions, contact Josh Simmons.

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