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As a current Union University student or employee, you have computer accounts. They give you access to your e-mail (an official means of university communication), academic and financial records, online course content, library research databases, and more. These are password-protected private resources.

You will have your accounts until you leave the university. Learn more about when your accounts are created and deleted, as a student (display here) or an employee (display here).


  • Your accounts are created within 48 working hours of your being registered for your first classes here. For traditional undergraduate students, this is when you complete the registration process yourself. For adult students (BSOL, graduate programs), this is when your academic program coordinator enters you into classes.
  • Please be aware that class registration is a separate activity following your admission to the university. In other words, you do not receive your accounts until shortly after you are registered for specific classes.
  • Your accounts consist of an account name (username) and a password.
  • To get your username by using your student ID number, go to www.uu.edu/it/networking/usernames .
    • If you do not know your Union ID number, it is on your Union ID card. Your ID number is located on the bottom right of the front of the card. If you see a number that looks like "000611984 1", your ID number is 611984, the part without the leading zeroes and without any trailing digit.
  • When your accounts are created, you are assigned a temporary password. You must change it in order to use your accounts (see below).
  • Your accounts will be maintained as long as you are enrolled in classes at Union.
  • Your accounts will be deleted 182 days (half a year) after you are no longer registered for or enrolled in classes.
    • Example 1: If you complete a term and do not register for any classes that meet within the following 182 days, your accounts will be deleted at the end of that 182-day period.
    • Example 2: If you withdraw from classes in the current term but are registered for classes that meet within the following 182 days, your accounts would not be scheduled for deletion until 182 days after the end of the upcoming term for which you are registered. However, if you are not registered for future classes, your accounts would be deleted 182 days after your actual withdrawal date.


  • Your accounts are created just before your official hiring date.
  • Your accounts consist of an account name (or username) and a password.
  • Your account name (username) is contained in a letter you should have received from Human Resources or from your area support person (department secretary, etc.).
  • When your accounts are created, you are assigned a temporary password. You must change it in order to use your accounts (see below).
  • Your accounts will be maintained as long as you are employed at Union.

How to change your password

In order to access your Union resources successfully please read and follow the three steps below, first changing the temporary password we have created for you. Once this password has been changed, you will use your new password to access any resources listed below.

The temporary password we have created for you is the last 6 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). International students: If you do not have a Social Security Number, please contact IT using the phone number in the Getting Help section at the top right.

Step #1 - Change your password

When it is necessary for you to sign in and change your password after your accounts have been created, this can be done in one of two ways. Choose only one option.

Step #2 - Get help if you need it & Learn about your accounts

Remember your password so that you don't lock yourself out of your accounts. If you forget it, you can change it again at password.uu.edu

If you are periodically asked to change your password, choose a new password each time.

If it appears you are able to sign into one of your accounts but not others, you should still be able to use password.uu.edu at any time to change/synchronize your password for all your accounts.

If you are locked out of your account (you cannot change it at password.uu.edu), please contact the Help Desk at 731-661-HELP (4357). Information will be collected to verify your identity before your account password will be reset. This will generally be done in 24 working hours or less. (Note: Help Desk services will be available only during lab hours.)

Learning about your accounts: Once you have changed your password to a new one, you will have access to all Union resources, using your username and new password.

If you are using university PC labs, log in with your username. Note: If your username (without @my.uu.edu or @uu.edu) is longer than 20 characters, log in with your full e-mail address.

To learn about each of the primary web-based services you can access with your username and password, see the 'Info' links inside the Student Resources section or Employee Resources section at the top right of this page. The bottom link in each section explains how you will sign into each web site.

Step #3 - Remember to sign off

Remember to keep your information secure by signing off each time you are finished working. It is also good practice never to share your password with anyone.

If you are finished using your account at this time, sign off now.

Union respects your privacy and will never access your accounts, except in judicial matters or as requested by university administration.

If you change your name...

If you change you name, your computer accounts will need to be changed as well.

Last updated: February 4, 2015

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