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Student email conversion

On March 15, 2013, student email accounts were converted from Microsoft's Live@Edu services to Microsoft's Office365 services. This page contains all status messages and links about the conversion. This content was originally posted on the IT website homepage.

1. As of Fri 3/22, email is accessible on and off campus. Please read update 3 below, which was updated 3/22.

2. Issues reported here Thur 3/21 are resolved.

3. The sign-in page for www.outlook.com/my.uu.edu has been changed, as shown here. This design will eventually be used for other Union University services.

- If you ARE able to sign into your email, please proceed to update 4 below.

- If you ARE NOT able to sign in, try these tips
  (display here)

  • After you go to www.outlook.com/my.uu.edu, if your computer is NOT displaying the sign-in page shown above, try these tips (display here)
    • Restart your computer and then try again to access your email
    • If restarting did not help and if you know how to clear your browser's cache, do that and then try again to access your email
    • If the two previous tips did not help, you will need to contact the IT helpdesk and share the following information:
      • Go to sts.uu.edu (this opens in a new tab/window) - Does this page display a tan box beneath the Union crest?
      • Go to ipchicken.com (this opens in a new tab/window) - Record your computer's current IP address
      • Where is the computer/device you're using? Are you on campus? (If on campus, are you using the wired network, or the wireless network?) At home? (If home, who is your internet service provider (ISP)? At work? (If work, where? Are you using your work network?) Mobile? (If you are using a mobile device and not using wireless, are you on AT&T, Verizon, other?)
      • Contact the IT helpdesk using any of the methods in the Getting Help section on this page. (If you call, ask the IT staff member to create a helpdesk ticket.) Regardless of whether you call, email or use the help.uu.edu website, please report the information you've collected in the steps above.
  • If your computer IS displaying the sign-in page above, be sure to enter your email address as your username
  • If you receive the error message "Username or password is incorrect", be sure you are typing your password correctly. If you are still receiving the error message, try changing your password. (See the Quick Links section of this page)
  • If you are still having problems, contact the helpdesk for assistance. (See the Getting Help section of this page)

4. Email/SkyDrive services for students and former students have changed. Read more if you are

5. Read past status updates regarding the changes.

Content last updated: March 22, 2013; Moved from IT homepage April 10, 2013

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