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Welcome to Union University! Information Technology (IT) supports the university in many ways, which you can learn about by viewing our A-Z Services Catalog on the right of most pages within this IT web site.

Note: If you are not considered an employee or student (e.g., you are a resident, fellow, etc.), please visit this FAQ page

Here you'll find frequently asked questions that will help you learn about the services and resources IT provides to all faculty, staff and administrative employees. You may be teaching or working at Union for the first time or you may be returning to the university. Whatever the situation, we hope you will find this information useful. If you have questions not answered here, feel free to contact us by the e-mail address or phone number in the Getting Help section on the right of this page.

You can also find a list of IT-provided employee tools here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts, login and network services

Web-based services


What do I need to know about acceptable use of technology at Union?

Your use of technology at Union is guided by our Acceptable Use Policy, which is a part of the Faculty Handbook and the Staff Handbook.

How do I access Union's services? What accounts will I get? What's my e-mail address?

You will have an account to access each service that the university provides. All of your accounts will be based on your name. They will be set up by the IT staff.

Your official Union e-mail address is your account name followed by @uu.edu. You are responsible for responding to any messages sent to that account, so you should check it regularly. You will also have file storage space associated with your account name. Learn more about your e-mail and file storage.

If you are a returning employee, please be aware that your accounts may be named differently from where you were here earlier. This would be the case if anyone else with a similar name is working here now. Any e-mail or files you may have had in the past are no longer accessible.

For a complete list of IT services (A-Z Service Catalog) and Employee Resources, see those sections on the right of most IT web pages.

When are my accounts created?

Your accounts are created just before your official hiring date.

How do I know my account name (username)?

You should have received a personalized, sealed letter from Human Resources or your department's support staff. This letter from IT includes your account name.

Note: If you have had a Union student username and email address in the past, you will now use your new employee username and email address for all Union technology access.

Is there anything I need to do after I learn my account name? What is my password?

Before you use your account name, you need to change your initial password to something that only you know. Your initial password is the last six digits of your Social Security Number.

Go to password.uu.edu to change your password. You can change your password at any time and as often as you want. You should always keep your password private.

How do I sign in?

Your Union account name or your Union e-mail address will be used to sign into most university services. For a complete list of services and sign-in formats, see this list of sites.

Who do I contact if I have problems with my accounts? with network access?

Most problems with university-provided technical services can be solved by contacting the IT Help Desk using the link, e-mail address or phone number in the Getting Help section at the top right of this page.

Is there a centralized location for Union technology services?

There are two main sites you can use to access our services, the IT website and the University portal. Both link to other University systems and to each other.

Information Technology's website www.uu.edu/it houses all publicly available information about technology for the University. The page you are viewing now is part of that site. The QuickLinks section on most IT website pages includes links to other commonly used systems. Click/tap the Employee Resources header to reveal useful links for site information and access.

The University's portal houses information and services for current students and employees who sign into the portal at portal.uu.edu. To learn more about the portal, such as how to sign in, visit www.uu.edu/portal or www.uu.edu/it/services/portal.cfm. Links to other University systems can be found on the UU Bookmarks tab of the portal homepage.

Where can I find the Union email address of a student or employee?

In portal.uu.edu, on the Menu, select UU Resources, then select UU Contact Directories & Pictures. Students' email addresses can be found in any of the directories. Employee email addresses can be found in the employee directory. For more information about the portal, see the previous question.

What does network access provide? What storage space do I get?

Each employee is provided storage space on the university network to store files, e-mail, etc. Your space is allocated on three network drives/folders explained below. Files stored on those drives are backed up nightly. If you save files on your computer's hard drive, you are responsible for their backup.

Learn more about employee file storage.

Students do not have any access to the any of these drives.

Can I print in my office or in the labs?

Yes. All office areas and the labs are equipped with laser printers. There are no limits for employee printing.

Students are provided a number of free prints each term, based on the university's PaperWise print management system. They can purchase more as needed. Learn more about the PaperWise system.

Can I print a file stored on my personally-owned device?

Yes. Union's PawPrint service allows you to upload a document from your device for printing on a PawPrint-designated printer. Learn about the PawPrint process and find printers here.

How do I connect to Union's wireless network?

Using your device's normal methods to access a wireless network, connect to Union's wireless network. There is no password.

When do I get access to online resources for my classes?

As a faculty member, once you have completed required Moodlerooms training, you will have access to the course shell after the course is created by the registrar in the central administrative database (Ellucian Colleague) and you are assigned to it. This typically occurs well in advance of the start of the term.

When each course shell is created in Moodlerooms, it is initially inaccessible by (hidden from) students. When you are ready for them to have access, you must make the course available to them.

Registered students are automatically added to the course five (5) days prior to the official start date of the course. You may make the course available to students as early as five days prior to the start date or as late in the term as you desire.

Student access to the course ends two weeks after its official end date.

Learn more about Moodlerooms, Union's learning management system.

How do I enter grades? view my pay stub (pay advice)? view departmental budgets?

WebAdvisor is the system you will use to enter mid-term and final grades, review your pay advices, view budget information, etc. Learn more about WebAdvisor.

Grades can also be entered in a Moodlerooms course. To learn more about this option, visit Faculty Moodlers Exchange in your course list inside Moodlerooms.)

How do I get access to Ellucian Colleague, ServiceU or Pharos360?

Ellucian Colleague is the university's administration information system. It is used to store and process grades, alumni records, financial transactions, etc. Students and employees can view approved information using WebAdvisor services. Employees who need to perform advanced work in Colleague must be approved for this level of access. Learn more about these enterprise-level systems.

ServiceU is the university's event management system. It is used to reserve room/spaces for approved university events. Access to ServiceU is typically assigned to the support person in each area responsible for scheduling the area's resources. If you believe you need access to ServiceU, contact IT.

Pharos360 is the university's student retention system. Access to this system is coordinated by Student Services.

Where can I find a list of all University online information/training resources?

Learn about information/training resources offered by the University.

Where are the PC labs and when are they open? How do I reserve a lab for class?

Learn about lab locations and hours.

If you want to reserve a lab for an entire term, your department chair or dean needs to indicate that when submitting course information to the Academic Center (Registrar) for the upcoming semester/year.

If you want to reserve a general-purpose lab for a single day...

Other labs are managed by individual academic departments.

What options do we have for virtual meetings?

The Jackson and Germantown campuses have videoconferencing equipment in specific buildings. This can be used for high-quality audio/video conferences, either between campuses or from a campus to any other compatible videoconference site in the world.

Computer screen-sharing and desktop conferencing is available using Zoom. The university has a limited number of licenses, each of which can accommodate several people at different locations.

Learn more about each of these options.

What if I am an employee and a student?

If you are an employee taking classes, you will use your employee account/username and e-mail address for all your course-related work. You will not be issued a separate set of student accounts.

I am an adjunct faculty member. Is there anything special I need to know?

Some communications and services from the university are focused on full-time faculty/staff. However, every attempt will be made to provide you with the information and resources you need to teach and work for the university.

Is there any support for grading of paper-based multiple-choice tests?

Contact the library on the Jackson campus for information about the Scantron scanner and test forms.

Are there any laptops I can check out for work purposes?

Yes. Learn more.

Where can I get software for my computer?

If you need software for your office computer, see 'Hardware & Software' under the Services Catalog heading at the top right of this page.

If you need software for your home computer, view the Software Purchasing information under the Quick Links section at the top right of this page.

How do I connect my phone/tablet to my UU email?

Your device must have support to connect to a Microsoft Exchange server. If it does, you can access your Union e-mail, calendar and contacts. Use the settings listed on the Employee-only FAQs tab of the university portal's IT site. (If you need help, visit the portal sign-in help page.)

Remember that if you ever change your Union password, you will also need to update the Union e-mail password you enter on your device.

Due to the wide variety of devices, we are not able to provide specific instructions for each kind of phone. Please be aware that Union's IT staff is not able to provide any support for personal devices beyond the instructions within the portal.

What support does Union have for mobile devices and remote access?

Visit our mobility support page for centralized information about apps, campus wireless service, access to various services on different kinds of devices, Union-specific discounts on your cellular phone service, general security tips and more.

If I have problems with my own computer or questions about it, who do I contact?

Get answers to additional frequently asked questions.

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