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Welcome to Union University! Information Technology (IT) supports the university in many ways, which you can learn about by viewing our A-Z Services Catalog on the right of most pages within the IT web site.

Here you'll find frequently asked questions that will help you learn about the services and resources IT provides to all students. You may be attending Union for the first time, returning to complete a degree, or pursuing another degree. Whatever the situation, we hope you will find this information useful. If you have questions not answered here, feel free to contact us by the e-mail address or phone number in the Getting Help section on the right of this page.

You can also find a list of IT-provided student tools here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts, login and network services

Web-based services


What do I need to know about acceptable use of technology at Union?

Your use of technology at Union is guided by our Acceptable Use Policy, which is a part of the Student Handbook.

How do I access Union's services? What accounts will I get? What's my e-mail address?

You will have an account to access each service that the university provides. All of your accounts will be based on your name. They will be set up automatically.

Your official Union e-mail address is your account name followed by @my.uu.edu. You are responsible for responding to any messages sent to that account, so you should check it regularly.

For a complete list of IT services (A-Z Service Catalog) and Student Resources, see those sections on the right of most IT web pages.

When are my accounts created?

Your accounts are created within 48 working hours of your being registered for your first classes here. For traditional undergraduate students, this is when you complete the registration process yourself. For adult students (BSOL, graduate programs), this is when your academic program coordinator enters you into classes.

Please be aware that class registration is a separate activity following your admission to the university. In other words, you do not receive your accounts until shortly after you are registered for specific classes.

How do I know my account name (username)?

You will need to know your Union ID number in order to get your username. If you don't know your Union ID number, follow these tips to get it (display here).

  • If you do not know your Union ID number, it is on your Union ID card. Your ID number is located on the bottom right of the front of the card. If you see a number that looks like "000611984 1", your ID number is 611984, the part without the leading zeroes and without any trailing digit.

Get your username if you don't know it. If you are not able to get your account name, it probably means your accounts have not been created yet.

Is there anything I need to do after I learn my account name? What is my password?

Before you use your account name, you need to change your initial password to something that only you know. Your initial password is the last six digits of your Social Security Number.

Go to password.uu.edu to change your password. You can change your password at any time and as often as you want. You should always keep your password private.

What if I don't have a Social Security Number?

If you are an international student and do not have a Social Security Number, for assistance please contact IT using the phone number in the Getting Help section at the top right.

How do I sign in?

Your Union account name or your Union e-mail address will be used to sign into most university services. For a complete list of services and sign-in formats, see this list of sites.

Who do I contact if I have problems with my accounts? with network access?

Most problems with university-provided technical services can be solved by contacting the IT Help Desk using the link, e-mail address or phone number in the Getting Help section at the top right.

Is there a centralized location for Union technology services?

There are two main sites you can use to access our services, the IT website and the University portal. Both link to other University systems and to each other.

Information Technology's website www.uu.edu/it houses all publicly available information about technology for the University. The page you are viewing now is part of that site. The QuickLinks section on most IT website pages includes links to other commonly used systems. Click/tap the Student Resources header to reveal useful links for site information and access.

The University's portal houses information and services for current students and employees who sign into the portal at portal.uu.edu. To learn more about the portal, such as how to sign in, visit www.uu.edu/portal or www.uu.edu/it/services/portal.cfm. Links to other University systems can be found on the UU Bookmarks tab of the portal homepage.

Where can I find the Union email address of a student or employee?

In portal.uu.edu, on the Menu, select UU Resources menu, then select UU Contact Directories & Pictures. Students' email addresses can be found in any of the directories. Employee email addresses can be found in the employee directory. For more information about the portal, see the previous question.

Can I print in the labs?

Yes. The labs are equipped with laser printers. You are provided a number of free prints each term, based on the university's PaperWise print management system. You can purchase more as needed. Learn more about the PaperWise system.

Can I print a file stored on my device?

Yes. Union's PawPrint service allows you to upload a document from your device for printing on a PawPrint-designated printer. Learn about the PawPrint process and find printers.

How do I connect to Union's wireless network?

Using your device's normal methods to access a wireless network, connect to Union's wireless network. There is no password.

When are my accounts deleted?

Your accounts will be deleted 182 days (half a year) after you are no longer registered for or enrolled in classes.

When do I get access to online resources for my classes?

Your professor will tell you if your class has any online resources. If so, you will have access to those resources beginning on the official start date for the course. Your access ends two weeks after the official end date for the course.

Learn more about Union's learning management system.

How do I look at my grades or my bills? How do I register for classes?

WebAdvisor is the service you will use to check mid-term and final grades, review your bill, register for classes, etc. WebAdvisor services are available through Union's portal. You can learn about portal.uu.edu including how to sign in by visiting www.uu.edu/portal. Learn more about WebAdvisor.

Is Union's internet access filtered?

Yes, all student wired and wireless access to the internet in classrooms, labs and resident apartments is filtered.

Where are the PC labs and when are they open?

Learn about lab locations and hours.

Where can I get software for my computer?

View the Software Purchasing information under the Quick Links section at the top right of most IT web pages.

Is there anything I need to buy?

A USB drive (also called a thumb drive or jump drive) will be useful.

How do I connect my phone/tablet to my UU email?

To connect your mobile devices to your email account, use the device's normal email account setup process to create a Microsoft Exchange email account. If you need help, call or visit the IT Help Desk.

Remember that if you ever change your Union password, you will also need to update the Union e-mail password you enter on your phone.

Please be aware that Union's IT staff is not able to provide any support for personal phones.

What support does Union have for mobile devices and remote access?

Visit our mobility support page for centralized information about apps, campus wireless service, access to various services on different kinds of devices, Union-specific discounts on your cellular phone service, general security tips and more.

If I have problems with my own computer or questions about it, who do I contact?

Get answers to additional frequently asked questions.

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