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Office 365 Change - Employees

This information is being shared with all employees, via an email message first dated March 8, 2013. Union University Facebook and Twitter messages, portal announcements, ennouncements and hallway-TV signage are also being used.

To all Union University employees,

During the week of March 18, students may see a different login screen when accessing their Union University @my.uu.edu email account. Also, former students who have had Union email/SkyDrive accounts after leaving Union will no longer have those accounts. Students and former students are being informed about these changes. These changes do not impact employee email accounts; however, we want you to be informed through the message below.

This message will explain what will happen, why it's required, what the sign-in pages look like, other changes they may notice, how to view status updates and how to get help.


  • Every @my.uu.edu email account is being converted from Microsoft's Live@Edu services to Microsoft's Office365 services. Microsoft is requiring that all Live@Edu schools make this change.

What stays the same after the conversion:

  • Each student's @my.uu.edu email address is not changing; it stays the same. The student's Union username for all other systems also stays the same.
  • Students will still have access to all existing email messages before, during and after the conversion process.
  • The Office365 email site appears and functions very much like the Live@Edu email site.


  • After the student is no longer enrolled in classes at Union, the Union email account will no longer exist. Students have been informed to forward email to a different location soon after enrollment ends.
  • We're updating the email links in portal.uu.edu and www.uu.edu/it/ to use a new www.outlook.com/my.uu.edu sign-in page address
    • If your department has a link to the student email sign-in page, please have that updated to the new address.
  • When accessing their email, students may notice a change in the look of the sign-in page. They may see a temporary sign-in page. After March 21, they will see a new permanent sign-in page. See the look of all sign-in pages now at www.uu.edu/it/training/sign-in.cfm
    • In the future, we'll use the permanent sign-in page with most other Union systems.
  • Students will no longer have Microsoft Office WebApps (Word, Excel, etc.) or Photos as a part of the email account. Existing students may have these services through SkyDrive.
  • If a student is using the SkyDrive storage space associated with a @my.uu.edu account, it will no longer be directly accessible from the email page.
    • Before, during and after the conversion, files and storage can be accessed at www.skydrive.com using the same email address
  • Other changes related to the SkyDrive account passwords and storage space have been explained to students.

How to view status updates during the week of March 18:

  • We will post the conversion status before, during and after the conversion.
  • portal.uu.edu will have updates posted in the UU Announcements section of the homepage
  • www.uu.edu/it/ will have updates posted near the top of the homepage

If a student has email problems after the March 21 conversion:

  • Contact Union University Information Technology by calling 731-661-HELP (4357) or by signing into help.uu.edu
  • Be sure to leave a phone number and/or non-Union email address as the contact address

Last updated: March 7, 2013

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