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Office 365 Change - Students

This information is being shared with all currently enrolled students, via an email message first dated March 8, 2013. Union University Facebook and Twitter messages, portal announcements, ennouncements and hallway-TV signage are also being used.

To all current Union University students,

Between now and March 21, you may see a different login screen when accessing your Union University @my.uu.edu email account. We want you to be aware of the change so you are confident that you are signing into a legitimate Union University site.

This message will explain what's happening, why it's required, what the sign-in pages look like, other changes you may notice, how to view status updates and how to get help.


  • All @my.uu.edu student email accounts are being converted from Microsoft's Live@Edu services to Microsoft's Office365 services. Microsoft is requiring that all Live@Edu schools make this change.

What stays the same after the conversion:

  • Your @my.uu.edu email address is not changing; it stays the same. Your Union username for all other systems also stays the same.
  • You'll still have access to all your existing email messages before, during and after the conversion process.
  • The Office365 email site appears and functions very much like the Live@Edu email site.


  • After you are no longer enrolled in classes at Union, your Union email account will no longer exist. If you want to keep any email messages in those accounts, be sure to move them to a different location within 60 days after your enrollment ends.
  • If you have used or bookmarked mail.my.uu.edu as the sign-in page for your email, you will be going to www.outlook.com/my.uu.edu
    • We're updating the email links in our systems to use this new outlook.com address
  • When accessing your email, you'll notice a change in the look of the sign-in page. You may see a temporary sign-in page. After March 21, you will see a new permanent sign-in page. You can see the look of all sign-in pages now at www.uu.edu/it/training/sign-in.cfm
    • In the future, we'll use the permanent sign-in page with most other Union systems.
  • The storage space for your email will be at least ten (10) gigabytes.
  • If you have your smartphone or tablet connected to your Union email account, you may need to set this up again.
    • For details, after March 21, log into your email; at the top right of the page, select Options, then See All Options.
    • On the right, select Phone, then use the link "configure the phone to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange."
  • Until we perform another system upgrade, the portal's link to your inbox will require a sign-in. After the upgrade, you'll again have the direct link to your inbox without having to sign in again.
  • If you are using the SkyDrive storage space associated with your @my.uu.edu account, it will no longer be directly accessible from your email page.
    • Before, during and after the conversion, you can access your files and storage at www.skydrive.com using your email address as the username.
    • The storage space for your SkyDrive account will be at least seven (7) gigabytes.
    • After we complete the conversion of your account, your SkyDrive password initially will be your Union password. However, your SkyDrive password will no longer be connected to other Union accounts (portal, email, Moodlerooms, etc.). Changing your Union password after the conversion will not impact your SkyDrive password. Similarly, after the conversion, changing your SkyDrive password will not change your Union password. Union University Information Technology staff will have no ability to reset your SkyDrive password after the conversion.
  • You will not have Microsoft Office WebApps (Word, Excel, etc.) or Photos as a part of your email account. As an existing student, you may have these services as part of your SkyDrive account.

How to view status updates during the week of March 18:

  • We will post the conversion status before, during and after the conversion.
  • portal.uu.edu will have updates posted in the UU Announcements section of the homepage
  • www.uu.edu/it/ will have updates posted near the top of the homepage

If you or someone you know has email problems after the conversion:

  • Contact Union University Information Technology by calling 731-661-HELP (4357) or by signing into help.uu.edu
  • Be sure to leave a phone number and/or a non-Union email address as the contact address

Last updated: March 7, 2013

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