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The Marines are Coming (1934)

Release Date: Nov 20, 1934
Description: A brash marine is assigned to a new post under the command of his former rival. The marine subsequently falls in love with his commanding officer's fiancee and romances her away from him. On the eve of their wedding, she calls it off and leaves for Central America. The disgraced marine quits, but re-enlists as a private. When he is sent to Central America, he must rescue his rival, who has been captured by rebels. - via IMDB
Director: David Howard
Genres: Action, Drama, Romance, War
Type: Feature Film
General Rating: NR

Item(s) Available in Collection

DVD (NR) - Combat Classics, disc 3
Released: May 6, 2008
Library Call Number: PN1995.9.W3 C6
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