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Minority Student Resources

Minority Student Resources

A Word from the Director of Service and Diversity Initiatives

Matthew MarshallIt is my pleasure to welcome you to the Minority Student Resources website. Our former President, Dr. Dockery stated on several occasions that Union's ongoing commitment to the Great Commandment compels us to recognize that a love for God requires a love for all humanity. It is in that vein that Union University seeks to create a climate that fosters the development of intercultural competencies in faculty, staff, and students. Our ultimate aim is to make this campus more closely resemble the reality presented to us in Revelation 7:9, when those from every nation, tribe, people and language shall be joined together in worship and service to our God. The very existence of this website is evidence of God's grace as we seek to be faithful to these goals.

I am pleased to be a primary contact for ethnic minority students. I look forward to working to provide not only academic and spiritual support, but also social, emotional, cultural and professional development. As my title implies, my primary objective is to ensure that every student I serve is provided the resources necessary to be successful in every sphere of life.

This website has been designed to assist Union University's minority students in a variety of ways. So, please take a moment to explore the webpage and acquaint yourself with the many resources available to you. If we have not had an opportunity to meet please stop by my office, in the Office of University Ministries, and say, "Hello."

Student Support

What support strategies are in place for the minority student population at Union?

Matthew Marshall, Director of Service and Diversity Initiatives in the Office of University Ministries & Director of the Center for Racial Reconciliation, serves as a professional advocate and liaison for students, with a primary focus on ethnic minority students. Furthermore, Dr. Jacqueline Taylor, Assistant Dean of Students & Director of the Vocatio Center, provides administrative oversight and guidance for minority students offering expertise in holistic life calling and career development and planning. Below are specific areas of expertise where the Director of Service and Diversity Initiatives and Assistant Dean of Students provide direct support to minority students at Union University:

Director of Service and Diversity Initiatives
Director of the Center for Racial Reconciliation

Assistant Dean of Students
Director of the Vocatio Center for Life Calling and Career

Ultimately, we advocate for the academic, spiritual, social, and cultural growth as well as the leadership development of students, with our primary focus on ethnic minority students. For more information: contact Mr. Matthew Marshall at (731) 661.5304 or Dr. Jacqueline Taylor at (731)661-5421 or email mmarshall@uu.edu or jtaylor@uu.edu.


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Minority Student Resources
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