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‘God and the Cosmos’ by Poe, Davis now available

"God and the Cosmos: Divine Activity in Space, Time and History," by Hal Poe and Jimmy Davis, is now available.

JACKSON, Tenn.March 13, 2012 – Union University professors Hal Poe and Jimmy Davis published their fourth book together -- “God and the Cosmos: Divine Activity in Space, Time and History” -- further explaining the connection between faith and science.

Davis, vice president for the regional campus at Germantown and university professor of chemistry, said the book, which was released in February, deals with issues brought up by new atheists and explains how God is involved in the universe and modern science.

“The nature that has been discovered by modern science reveals a universe that is open to activity and open to God,” he said. “It is not a closed system as some new atheists propose, and that activity is reflected in the findings of science.”

Poe, Charles Colson Professor of Faith and Culture, said the fact that people are able to manipulate science, whether it is transplanting a human heart or flying through the air, shows the universe is open to human involvement.

He added that if people are able to intervene, then God is, too.

“The more we do the more we realize the universe has every sign of being designed specifically to allow intelligent beings to monkey with it, and we’re simply saying that God is able to do at least as much as we can and more,” he said. “If we are free to carry out science, which is interference, intervention in the laws of nature… then there’s no logical reason why God cannot be involved in the universe.”

Davis said the biggest obstacle in writing “God and the Cosmos” with Poe was articulating the ideas in a scholarly way in the time period they were given. The two professors spent four years writing and researching, and during that time both dealt with significant illnesses, which Davis said made working on the book a long process.

Robert C. Fay, professor emeritus of chemistry and chemical biology at Cornell University, called the book a “wide-ranging, engaging and insightful study.”

“(Poe and Davis) argue that fine-tuning in cosmology, quantum phenomena and chaotic systems in physics, epigenetics in biology and the imaginative capabilities of the human person point to an open universe that invites interaction with cognitive agents, including God,” Fay said. “Their valuable study is rooted in a healthy respect for mainstream science and a solid knowledge of the biblical text.”

Poe said he and Davis wrote the book because they wanted to find and explain clues that showed God’s involvement and how modern science actually points to that intervention.

“What we were doing was showing that at every level of the universe there is -- from the sub-atomic to molecules to cells to human life to human history -- that at every level of organization, the universe is open to involvement,” Poe said.

Other books co-written by Poe and Davis have discussed the role of faith and science in the origin of the universe, the source of humanity and the evidence of a universe designed by God.

Published by IVP Academic, “God and the Cosmos” is available for purchase at LifeWay Christian Stores or at online retailers such as Amazon.com.

By Whitney Jones (’12)

Media contact: Tim Ellsworth, news@uu.edu, 731-661-5215

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