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Union students remember the Holocaust in new book

JACKSON, Tenn.Nov. 25, 2002 – Union University students who participated in an ethics class that focused on the Holocaust have published a book of collective works recording their feelings and thoughts on the experience. Copies of the work will be donated to the university during a ceremony to take place at Emma Waters Summar Library Monday, Dec. 2, at 2 p.m.

The work, When Night Fell: A Student Response to the Holocaust, was written by students in a class taught by David Gushee, Graves associate professor of Christian ethics, in the spring of 2001. The book was an idea that the students initiated and saw to completion, said Gushee.

Joshua Trent and Autumn Ridenour, both Union graduates, put together the book which features papers done by almost 20 other students in the class. Additional material comes from Gushee as well as Union President David S. Dockery, who praised the work.

“I am excited about this student project, which underscores the high quality academic work taking place on the Union campus as well as the deep reflection on the significant issues and ideas of our time,” said Dockery. “I applaud the students and Professor Gushee for this outstanding work.”

“These students were affected at the core of who they were by the study of the Holocaust,” said Gushee. “They wanted to respond effectively to it.”

Gushee, who has taught the class three times at Union, said that the first class had been very moved by what they had learned and had planted a tree with a plaque in remembrance of the victims. The tree still stands in between the Student Union Building and the C-Hall entrance to the Penick Academic Complex. The third class also felt motivated to do something in response to the class, and the idea of the book was born.

“This book is indeed high quality scholarship,” said Gushee. “It also shows that Union is inspiring students to go the extra mile. The integration of faith and learning is very strong.”

250 copies were printed of When Night Fell, which numbers 200 pages, and is available for $3, the cost of production. For more information, contact the Department of Christian Studies at (731) 661-5024.

Media contact: Sara B. Horn, news@uu.edu, 731-661-5215

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