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Union's Poe and Davis Take Christianity Today Award

JACKSON, Tenn.May 23, 2003Designer Universe: Intelligent Design and the Existence of God, written by Union University's Jimmy H. Davis and Harry L. Poe, received the Award of Merit in Apologetics/Evangelism in Christianity Today's Book Awards 2003.

"Hal Poe and Jimmy Davis have written one of the most important books in recent years in the area of science and theology. Their arguments for a Designer behind this universe are cogent and persuasive," said Union president David S. Dockery. "Their scholarship is a tribute to the quality and excellence that characterize the work of the Union University faculty. I congratulate them on this significant recognition from Christianity Today."

"It's a very humbling honor to be selected," said Davis, associate provost and professor of chemistry at Union. "You hope that you're writing a book of that caliber, and it's nice to know that your peers recognize the value of your work."

Designer Universe seeks to provide an examination of the issues of design from a faith perspective. According to the authors' preface, "Not only do we believe that the universe was designed, but we also know the Designer."

According to Poe, Charles Colson professor of faith and culture, Designer Universe is an outgrowth of the authors' previous work Science and Faith: An Evangelical Dialogue. "In working on that book, we became interested in the idea of intelligent design. It seemed to be discredited by Darwin; then discoveries in the last 25 years made design a critical issue again," Poe said. "Because of the theological implications, it couldn't be ignored anymore."

Davis and Poe are currently developing their third collaborative effort, God and the Cosmos: How God Relates to the Physical World, which is expected to be available in late 2004. They are also editing Essential Texts in Science and Religion, a compilation of rare works through the 19th century. "These are texts people often talk about, but have never read," due to the lack of availability, Poe said. That volume is expected in 2005.

Media contact: Chris Allen, news@uu.edu, 731-661-5215

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