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Union senior interns with Boston Red Sox

Union University senior Stephen Foshee spent the summer in Boston, working as an intern for the Boston Red Sox. (Photo by Brad Moore)
Union University senior Stephen Foshee spent the summer in Boston, working as an intern for the Boston Red Sox. (Photo by Brad Moore)

JACKSON, Tenn.Oct. 3, 2005 – Names such as Edgar Renteria, Mark Bellhorn and Terry Francona may mean little to some, but for Union University senior Stephen Foshee, they were a dream come true this summer.

Foshee, a broadcasting major from Hoover, Ala., spent the summer as an intern with the Boston Red Sox. He attended every home game while he was in Boston, and even though he likes football more than baseball, Foshee said the experience was one he’ll remember for years.

“The way they are about baseball up there is the way we are about football down here,” he said.

Foshee began his search for an internship with a high-profile professional sports team in December. Although his passion is football, he realized his only chance at securing a major internship would be with a baseball team since football was in its off-season.

“I sent a cover letter and my resume to every team in the Major Leagues,” Foshee said. “In my cover letter, I just told them how passionate I am about sports and that I wanted to work with the best.”

Foshee was expecting rejection letters from some teams, and was expecting to hear nothing from the rest. But the Red Sox called him a couple of days later.

“I was sitting in the library and I got a message, so I checked it,” Foshee said. “It was from Danny Kischel of the Boston Red Sox and he told me to call him back.”

Foshee said his journey to Boston took three months of working things out, but was told by many to not let the opportunity pass by.

“Just hearing from others that this was something I could do made me put everything behind and just go,” Foshee said. “I flew out to Boston not knowing anyone, took a taxi to my dorm room and started from there.”

He said he was able to work with the video production broadcasting department during games by operating the video board. Foshee said when the team was out of town, he transcribed interviews with different Red Sox players and also worked on “The Red Sox Report,” a weekly television show.

Foshee said he was humbled to be able to work in the same stadium baseball legends Babe Ruth and Ted Williams once played in.

“About once a day, I would just stop and look around and realize where I was,” Foshee said. “I was just excited to be around people that had the same passion for sports that I do.”

He also got to meet Francona, the Red Sox manager. The two share some mutual friends in Birmingham, Ala.

Foshee’s goal is to go into sports broadcasting when he graduates from college. Even though the internship was not paid, he said it was a great opportunity to find out more about the business and work with some of the best.

“I got to see what the top guys are doing and how they are working,” Foshee said. “At the same time, I met some great people along the way and made some great friends.”

By Justin Belsly (’06)

Media contact: Tim Ellsworth, news@uu.edu, 731-661-5215

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