Description, Purpose, Procedures

Lyceum Mission Statement

Lyceum is a standing committee of Union University dedicated to promoting the arts. Through sponsoring programs featuring music, literature, drama, and the visual arts consistent with the University’s mission statement, Lyceum seeks to serve the students, faculty, and staff of Union University, as well as the greater Jackson community.

Lyceum Procedures

The members of the Lyceum Committee shall be appointed by the Committee on Committees.

The chair of the Lyceum Committee shall be elected to a one-year term by a majority of committee members. 

Like all standing committees at Union University, Lyceum shall meet on the third Wednesday of each month during the academic year. An ad hoc meeting may be called to address a budget request that cannot wait until the next monthly meeting.

The annual budget of Lyceum is determined by the Budget Committee, following the recommendation of the Provost.

The Lyceum budget shall be dedicated primarily to sponsoring the creative arts at Union University. 

Major funding for Lyceum projects shall be primarily determined by the strength of applications, with an interest in the equitable distribution of funds.

All Lyceum expenditures shall be approved by a majority of Lyceum committee members.

All requests for Lyceum funding must be submitted to a committee member in writing, preferably using the form "Lyceum Request for Funding."