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Children / Youth Summer Internships at Victory Baptist Church

Victory Baptist Church is looking for summer internships in preschool, children, and youth ministries. If interested, please contact Josh Moore in Church Relations or Michelle Hicks at Victory (michellehicks@vbcmtj.org)

Purpose The purpose of the summer internship is to grow and equip young leaders with a passion for Christian service in the area of preschool, children and student ministry and beyond. The internship will expand the ministry staff for summer preschool, children and student programs while providing training, experience and leadership to future ministers and church leadership that will be invaluable in kingdom work.

Qualifications Those accepted as a summer intern must meet the following criteria: A.Intern must have a current resume, including 3 references. B.Intern must exhibit an active and growing faith in Jesus Christ. C.Intern must be considering full-time Christian ministry or missions, as a career. D.Intern must have a willingness to serve in a team environment and have a basic understanding of and ability to teach the Scriptures. E.Intern must be over 18 and be at least one semester out of high school. F.Intern must pass a background check.

Job Description A.Accountability: The summer intern will be accountable to the senior pastor and church for assisting in all designated areas of the educational program with specific emphasis to be placed on preschool, children and student ministries. The intern will report directly to the Preschool/Children’s Director and Student Pastor and will meet weekly with them to review the intern’s ministry, to pray, and to discuss personal growth and/or concerns.

Responsibilities: 1.Work with the Preschool/Children Director and Student Pastor to oversee all aspects of weekly preschool, children and student ministries including Sunday and Wednesday activities. 2.Plan, assist and provide leadership in regular, as well as summer, preschool, children and student activities, such as camp, day trips, VBS, and other events and duties as assigned. 3.Build relationships with parents and their children to encourage them in their spiritual walk.

Terms of Service Applications for internships are accepted between January and March of the year the internship is to occur. The internship will be from May 26-August 1, 2014. The intern will be paid $2000.00

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