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Pastor in Residence at Crossroads Baptist Church

Pastor in Residence program Information & Application Packet Summary: One or two year full time, paid staff position in which the Pastor in Residence will assist the Pastor and Associate Pastor in all areas of ministry for the purposes of (1) learning and improving pastoral skills and (2) leading Crossroads to fulfill the purposes of the church Church Description: Crossroads Baptist Church is located about 30 minutes north of Houston in The Woodlands, Texas. We are a family of believers committed to sharing the HOPE we have in Jesus Christ, and ENCOURAGING one another in love. This is being done through Christ-centered worship and practical Bible teaching. Our passion for missions has led us to give our money and to use our hands as we share God's love with people in our community and around the world. We continue to start new churches and new ministries as well as support the established. Crossroads is part of the Southern Baptist Convention. Application Due Date: June 1, 2014 Contact Information: Pastor Calvin Pearson calvin.pearson@crossroadstw.org 936-273-5683 Crossroads Baptist Church 5000 College Park Drive The Woodlands, TX 77384 www.crossroadstw.org 1 Pastor in Residence Description of Program Summary: One or two year full time staff position in which the Pastor in Residence will assist the Pastor and Associate Pastor in all areas of ministry for the purposes of (1) learning and improving pastoral skills and (2) leading crossroads to fulfill the purposes of the church Purpose: To give men and women called to ministry the opportunity to: develop, learn, observe, and lead through a Pastor in Residence program. The Crossroads Pastor in Residence program exists to provide men and women, called of God into the ministry, opportunities to: (1) develop a closer relationship to the Lord, personal Christian character, and ministry skills; Clarify or affirm area of calling, (2) learn from experienced ministers, ministry experiences and from formal seminary education, (3)observe (as much as possible) every aspect of a ministry field; (4) lead in current ministry areas at Crossroads, and initiate at least one new ministry in cooperation with pastoral staff. The primary vehicle for this is a close mentoring relationship with a member of the pastoral staff. Qualifications: 1. At least two years of actively growing in faith and service (not a new believer) 2. Assurance of God’s call to ministry in the local church 3. Enrolled and in good academic standing at an approved seminary 4. Willing to make Crossroads their church family and home 5. Commitment of at least one year with a maximum of two 6. Agreement with Pastor in Residence covenant Supervision: 1. Each pastor in residence will be assigned to a member of the pastoral staff as a mentor/supervisor 2. Each pastor in residence will meet with a lay mentor who will encourage/advise 3. The pastors in residence will also be required to submit a weekly ministry report to the Sr. Pastor and Associate Pastor 2 4. While the pastor in residence is directly responsible to their mentor, they are also under the authority of the Sr. Pastor and Associate Pastor 5. The Associate Pastor will oversee the program 6. Pastoral mentor and pastor in residence will meet at least once a week for evaluation Duties: 1. A job description will be written for each pastor in residence that reflects the area of ministry in which they will serve 2. The pastor in residence is expected to attend all ministry functions in their area, as well as church-wide and other events that their mentor deems necessary 3. The job description will articulate expectations of attendance at various meetings including weekly pastoral staff meetings 4. The job description will assign specific tasks for both ongoing and event-oriented ministries Staff relationships: 1. While they attend pastoral staff meetings, they are not an official part of the pastoral staff 2. Just as every staff member does, they should consider themselves to be the servant of all the staff and members of Crossroads 3. A spirit of proactive servanthood is expected of the pastors in residence Hours: 1. This is considered a full time position, thus outside employment is not allowed 2. A minimum of 18 seminary hours or six seminary classes should be taken per year. The scheduling of these is to be approved by the mentoring pastor. The time spent on formal education is considered part of the assigned duties, but it must be balanced with church ministry. 3. Since the pastor in residence is both involved in ministry and formal education, a typical work week might be as many as 60 hours, this will vary, with some weeks being very demanding. 4. When possible, the pastor in residence will take seminary classes offered at Crossroads campus 5. The experience will also serve to teach how ministers must balance their personal and ministry schedules. Compensation: ? An annual salary plus insurance will be offered. (Amount is TBD by pastoral staff with approval of Personnel Team) ? A work place will be provided by Crossroads, this will vary from a cubical to a small office, depending upon availability and ministry area ? Mileage will be paid for direct ministry use of personal vehicle, such as hospital visits and church errands Continued on back Pastor in Residence Application & Profile (Typewritten or carefully hand printed) Date:_________________________________________ Name:_________________________________________ Address:________________________________________ City, State, Zip: __________________________________ Home Telephone: ________________________________ Mobile Phone: ___________________________________ Email: __________________________________________ Birthdate: _______________________________________ Marital Status:_____________________ Date of Marriage:______________________ Spouse’s Name: _________________________________________ Children/Age: ___________________________________________ Degree Program at Seminary: ______________________________ Name of Institution: _______________________________________ Hours Completed: ________________________________________ Anticipated Date of Graduation: _____________________________ Name of Home Church:____________________________________ Home Church Address:____________________________________ _____________________________________ Pastor at Home Church:___________________________________ Attach photo Additional information Please attach: 1. Personal Testimony (150 -200 words or less) Please include: a. Salvation Experience b. Call to Ministry c. Spiritual Gifts 2. Why do you desire to enter this program (150 -200 words) Please include: a. Your expectations of this program b. What you hope to contribute 3. Resumé Please include: a. Church work experience (volunteer or paid) b. Any ministry licenses and/or ordinations c. Other relevant information 4. Doctrine a. Do you agree fully with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 b. Articulate your views on Inerrancy, Abortion, Homosexuality, Please send completed application with Personal Testimony, “Why do you desire to enter this program”, and resume to: Pastor Calvin Pearson c/o Crossroads Baptist Church 5000 College Park Drive The Woodlands, TX 77384 or Email to calvin.pearson@crossroadstw.org or Fax to 936-273-5683, ATTN: Calvin Pearson Applications must be received by June 1, 2014 to be considered Pastor in Residence -Covenant Doctrinal Commitment Please read the Baptist Faith and Message (2000). Do you agree with and heartily confirm all of these doctrinal beliefs? If there are any areas with which you do not agree, please indicate the area and briefly explain why. Church Commitment 1. Will you commit to faithful membership at Crossroads Baptist Church? 2. Will you give priority to your church and its ministries and hold it in greater regard than other activities, except for family commitments or seminary training? 3. Will you submit to the spiritual authority established in this church? 4. Will you practice New Testament stewardship and financially support your church? 5. Will you wholeheartedly embrace the responsibility of your role as a Pastor in Residence? Personal Commitment 1. Are you committed to the Lordship of Christ in all areas of your life? 2. Will you make a commitment to total abstinence from any alcoholic and tobacco substance for the duration of your involvement in Crossroads Pastor in Residence program? 3. Will you refrain from watching R-rated movies and also any movie or other form of media that has explicit sexual or other sinful content? 4. Will you seek to guard your Christian testimony and the testimony of Crossroads by abstaining from any action or activity that would cause others to stumble? 5. Will you strive to handle your personal finances in an exemplary manner? 6. Will you strive for ministerial and academic excellence and display an eagerness for learning? I affirm that I can answer “yes” to all of the above and by God’s grace I will uphold this Covenant and all of its contents. Signature of Apprentice Date Signature of Staff Mentor Date Signature of Lay Mentor Date Question for Your Spouse: (if applicable) Do you share the beliefs of your spouse as stated above, and will you cooperate and support him/her in every way in this program, and will you actively support Crossroads as your church? If “yes,” please indicate by signing below. Signature of Spouse Date

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