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Pastor at Saulsbury Baptist Church

Saulsbury Baptist Church in Saulsbury, Tennessee is seeking a pastor. We are located about 20 miles south of Bolivar, Tennessee on Highway 57. We are hopeful that you might have some young men seeking to find God’s will for ministry – we are seeking God’s will for us also. The following information may help with a decision about our church: · We are a small church, with about 60 members – a great place for a young pastor to begin and get some experience. · Our church was organized in 1866 and has been serving God in our community since that time. · We have a parsonage that is free to the pastor – he pays utilities. It is not a mansion, but very nice and in close proximity to the church. · The church has no debt and is financially sound. · We are a united body of believers that love each other and the Lord. Please send any information you may have to me at this e-mail address: rbrotherton@bankoffayettecounty.com or you can mail it to me at: Saulsbury Baptist Church P.O. Box 57 Saulsbury, TN 38067 We appreciate your consideration.

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  • Oct 28, 2014 - Ministry Leadership: Church Planting with Mark Millman
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