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Associate Worship Pastor at First Bible Church

1. PURPOSE 1.1 The purpose of the Associate Worship Pastor is to assist in carrying out the mission of First Bible Church through leading the worship ministry at the Madison Campus. 1.2 The mission of First Bible Church is to glorify God by helping people know, love, obey, and exalt Jesus Christ.

2. RESPONSIBILITIES 2.1 Oversee the entirety of the worship service at the Madison Campus, including set-up, sound check, rehearsal, worship, and tear down on Sunday mornings. 2.2 Assist Worship Pastor in weekly service planning and implementation. 2.3 Recruit and develop worship team members, shepherding them in how to lead the congregation in worship. This will include training younger leaders in how to lead. 2.4 Lead worship in other services on both campuses as needed. (i.e. Sunday Night and Celebrate Recovery) 2.5 Assist the Madison campus pastor in shepherding the flock in Madison. His gifts and talents will help dictate what other areas of ministry he is involved with. 2.6 Serve the entire church by sharing the responsibilities of ministry that come with growth. As a fellow-laborer on the Pastoral Staff, the Associate Worship Pastor may be called on to serve outside of the worship ministry by assisting in hospital visitation, visitor follow-up and administrative projects that arise in a growing church both in Madison and Decatur. 2.7 The Associate Worship Pastor reports to the Worship Pastor.

3. QUALIFICATIONS 3.1 Character. The Associate Worship Pastor should meet the requirements of spiritual leadership set out in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. In all his relationships and finances he must demonstrate self-control and integrity. 3.2 Knowledge. The Associate Worship Pastor must be skilled in the content of the Word of God and in theology. His character supports his message and his message must be true and straight. He must be able to discern, protect, and proclaim sound doctrine. Therefore, the Associate Worship Pastor shall have formal training in theology and ministry. Minimum of Bachelors degree. 3.3 Teaching through worship. The Associate Worship Pastor should be gifted in communicating the Word of God through song and instruction during worship. 3.4 Desire. The Associate Worship Pastor will need to strive to glorify God by helping people know, love, obey, and exalt Jesus Christ. 3.5 Balance. The Associate Worship Pastor will need to have a good balance of a heart for worship, musical ability, people skills, and organizational skills. To apply please send resume to: wayne@fbc.org. Please provide video or link to video of you leading worship.

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