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Life GroupsWhat are Life Groups?

Life Groups help new students establish their lives at Union University by fostering meaningful community. Upperclassmen Life Group Leaders practice hospitality and share personal insight with new students as they take the first steps of their college experience and establish a life in Jackson, Tennessee.

What do Life Groups do?

Life Groups do what friends do -- go to games, eat lunch, watch movies, find adventures, talk in tangents, and laugh in fits.

While every group shares the same overall objective of fostering community on campus, in our city, and in our churches, each individual group will have a unique focus and personality.

Expect Life Groups to deliver all the classic college memories, engaging conversations, unforgettable shared experience, and good times your class schedule will allow.

In short, your group does what you like to do. It's your Life Group, after all.

What do Life Group Leaders do?

Life Group Leaders cultivate healthy involvement in the life of the campus, the city, and a local church in Jackson, Tennessee.

Life Group Leaders seek fun and excitement wherever they can find it. They engage their Life Groups in meaningful community through capitalizing on the crowded schedule of events at Union University and in the city of Jackson.

Life Groups Leaders collaborate with their partners to invest in their Life Groups corporately and individually -- serving as both builders of community and mentors to new students.

How can I become a Life Group Leader?

Union University students interesting in leading a Life Group should begin the process by downloading an application.

Applicants should be committed Christians, possess & maintain a 2.5 GPA (per Union University policy), and attend all mandatory training events (see calendar in application). Humility, teachability, and teamwork are considered essential attributes of a successful Life Group Leader.

Once an applicant has completed their written application, two printed copies of the full application should be submitted in person to the front desk in the Office of University Ministries by Monday, February 16th.

Upon submission of application, Life Group Leader candidates will sign up for an interview here or below. Interviews will begin on Monday, February 23rd (Returning Leaders) and Monday, March 2nd (New Leaders) and take place in the Bowld Commons television rooms.

Once applicants have been interviewed by Life Group Support Team, the Life Group Leader Selection Process will conclude on Wednesday, March 25th and Life Group Leaders will be announced at 3pm on Thursday, March 26th.

All questions regarding application should be directed to Director of Discipleship Lee Wilson (lwilson@uu.edu).

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