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Welcome to the Parent's Feedback Board! Parents ask great questions, and we look forward to hearing from you! Please feel free to e-mail your question directly to me or submit a question using this bulletin board. The question and response will be posted within 48 hours. Remember, if you have a question, chances are other parents are asking the same question!

Bryan Carrier
Vice President for Student Services & Dean of Students

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Q: How long is Thanksgiving Break?

A: Thanksgiving Break lasts an entire week for students and faculty. There are no classes the week of November 25 - 29. To view a complete undergraduate academic calendar, go to http://www.uu.edu/catalogue/pdfs/1314calendar.pdf.

Academic calendars, catalogues, and schedules can be found on the UU website by clicking on the "Academics" tab at the top of the UU homepage. Scroll down the page to find information for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Tina Netland Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students Union University tnetland@uu.edu

Date Answered: September 06, 2013

Q: We're first-time Union parents as our son just started as a freshman last week. We are considering whether or not to come to campus for Union Family Weekend in late September. On the one hand, it's quite a trip for us (south Florida,) and with fall holiday only two weeks later, skipping family weekend is probably most practical. However, if 99% of the students will have their parents there that weekend, it might be discouraging for our son if we didn't show up. Can you give us some guidance regarding the typical parent turnout for family weekend? Do the vast majority of parents show up on campus?

A: I am so glad you wrote. This is an excellent question!

First of all, I hope the year is off to a great start. I have not gotten a chance to meet your son personally, but I look forward to getting to know him and trust that his first week on campus has been busy but wonderful!

I do not think you need to come up for Family Weekend. In fact, as we continue to recruit more nationally (we have six from Alaska!) we understand the time commitment involved for many families. We have plenty to do for students that weekend that will keep them busy even without parents. Fall break is two weeks later, and that is a better time to connect if he wants to travel home. (We made fall break a three workday holiday to give folks a chance to travel home.) Often, roommates' parents or other friends' parents might take him out to eat if they are in town, but I don’t think he will be lonely. RA’s and LifeGroup leaders are very sensitive to those whose parents don’t come for Family Weekend. So if I were you, I would not make the trip. He will be in good hands, and with 50% of our students from 5+ hours away, there will be many parents in the same boat. However, I would send him an extra special care package that day, or gift card to Sonic and Five Guys so he can treat himself. How does that sound?

Keep me posted if you have any questions, and know that I love to be your “hands and feet” during your son’s time at Union!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Senior VP for Student Services/Dean of Students kthornbu@uu.edu 731.661.5090

Date Answered: August 24, 2012

Q: Hello, My daughter is a new freshman coming in August this year. I am trying to make sure she has cell phone reception at Union. Can someone tell me the carrier that is working great there for 2012? At registration, Verizon had 1 bar. Thanks!

A: We are so excited she is headed to Union! This is an important question. A college student without good cell service is like a fish out of water. I am amazed at this great answer I received from our IT department about coverage! I will also send you by e-mail a map of our buildings and coverage! (Probably more details than you wanted to know!) Warmly, Dean Thornbury


We have been requested to let our prospective parents and students know which cell phone provider will work best at Union University. Since our primary cell phone providers currently used by faculty and students are AT&T and Verizon, we have attached an updated coverage document that reviews both AT&T’s and Verizon’s voice and data network coverage for our Union Jackson campus as well as the latest percentage of usage for all of our cellular carriers. (Please e-mail Kimberly Thornbury at kthornbu@uu.edu for a copy of this map.)

Although the answer as to which provider to recommend should be fairly straight forward, I would like to point out the following items: • Our primary providers are AT&T (44.48%) and Verizon (43.82%) – as of 10/18/2011 (See Attached) • All cellular providers will have varying degrees of difficulty obtaining voice signal within our buildings (especially the PAC) depending on the exact location within the building • Both vendors claim to have 4G coverage at Union University (Note: AT&T=4G LTE, Verizon=4G LTE & 4G LTE Extended) • 4G is supposed to have better penetration into our buildings than standard voice & text • The majority of existing phones in use today at our Jackson campus are not 4G capable yet

After reviewing the details provided by the carriers and talking to our staff that has Verizon or AT&T, our recommendation would be to only note that the two most popular carriers for our area appear to be AT&T and Verizon and let the students and parents contact the providers for additional information. I personally am uncomfortable with recommending a single cellular provider since their respective coverage plans and quality of service are constantly changing.

I hope this helps.


Don Dean Director of Infrastructure Support Services, Information Technology Union University, 1050 Union University Drive, Jackson TN 38305 ddean@uu.edu or 731-661-5488

Date Answered: July 23, 2012

Q: When will housing assignments for next semester be given out ?

A: For new students coming in fall 2011, they will find out who their roommates are and what their room assignments are at New Student Registration Day on June 20th. They'll have a chance to meet their roommates and see a sample room. If a new student is not able to attend the June 20th Registration Day, they'll receive a packet in the mail shortly after June 20th, and their roommate contact information will be in that packet.

Returning students will receive an e-mail to their UU student e-mail address by the end of June letting them know their new room assignment and roommate information.

Tina Netland Administrative Assistant to the VP for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: May 31, 2011

Q: When will the updated version (for 2011-2012) of "The Bulldog Guide" be available on your website for students and parents to use and/or read? This is a valuable PDF resource booklet about Union University for all new students and parents with many questions! Thank you for your time.

A: We are so glad it has been helpful! The new Bulldog Guide will be ready shortly before June 20th, and placed online on or around that date. Hard copies will be given to new students arriving for registration that day, and mailed to those unable to make it to campus this June. As always, feel free to call with any questions you may have. We are so looking forward to meeting this fantastic incoming class! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, VP for Student Services/Dean of Students kthornbu@uu.edu 731.661.5090

Date Answered: May 23, 2011

Q: Very nice site!

A: A belated thank you! We will continue to update it this summer, and are thankful it's been helpful!

Date Answered: May 23, 2011

Q: My daughter is a sophomore. On what day does she have to move out? I have a 9-hour drive and need a hotel the night before, and need to book a room soon. I saw on the calendar of events that the residence complexes close on May 19, a Thursday. Is that correct? By what time does she need to be out?

A: Students are to check out 6 hours after their last final, OR by 5:00pm on Thursday of finals week. The Residence Life staff can be flexible (Friday morning) if there is a significant drive, but ideally they do want all students not involved in graduation to be all moved out by Thursday evening. If your daughter would like to make special arrangements for a late check out, she will just need to contact her RA. Tina Netland Administrative Assistant Office of the Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: March 21, 2011

Q: Hello, I am a current student. I would like to know where to find the DEANS list for the Germantown campus?

A: Hello Stephanie.

That is a great question! Here is how the process works:

At the end of each fall and spring semester, every student who carried 12 or more units for that semester and earned for that semester a GPA of 3.5 or above is placed on either the Dean’s List or the President’s List. Those students with a 3.5 – 3.9 GPA for that semester are placed on the Dean’s List. Those who earned a 4.0 for that semester are placed on the President’s List. Only the fall and spring semesters are evaluated for the purpose of the Dean’s List and President’s List. Both traditional and non-traditional students may qualify as long as they have carried 12 units for that semester.

This information is sent to Mr. Tim Ellsworth in our University Relations department. He sends this information to all the local newspapers of the students on the lists based on the zip codes they provided when they registered.

Tina Netland Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: January 14, 2011

Q: Is there a site to find out all of the breaks? Thanks so much. Renee

A: Great question! The best calendar that lists the academic breaks is http://www.uu.edu/events/academic.cfm

Please let us know if you need additional information! Have a great night!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: September 07, 2010

Q: When is Christmas break 2010?

A: Thank you so much for your note! Final exams end December 9, 2010. (Fall graduation is December 11.)

In recent years, we decided to start classes a bit early because we found that everyone enjoyed that break before Christmas. Here is the link to the academic calendar:


Please let us know if you have more questions! Enjoy your holiday weekend! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: May 31, 2010

Q: Thanks so much for the Feedback Board! I have signed up to receive the E-nnouncements and Praying for UU E-mail but have yet to actually receive one. I checked my 'trash and spam' boxes but they were not there either. Any suggestions? Also, when I try to re-submit my request a notice appears stating my email address is already on file. Thanks so much!

A: Thanks for writing! We have had glitches with E-nnouncements ever since we switched our e-mail service this fall. I have been unable to send out the E-nnouncements to parents. The computing services department here on campus has been working on the issue, but it is still not resolved at this time.

Hopefully we'll come up with a solution soon that will make it easy for everyone to have access to the E-nnouncements each week. We are looking into the idea of posting the E-nnouncements on our website each week.

Check this Parent's Place web site next Monday. You just may find them here! If they are not posted here on Monday, we'll post a notice letting you know of our progress.

Thanks for your patience.

Tina Netland, Administrative Assistant to the VP for Student Services and Dean of Students 731.661.5090 tnetland@uu.edu

Date Answered: September 24, 2009

Q: with homecoming around the corner, can you tell me if the girls typically wear corsages. I want to make sure to order mine in time, and can you give me the date of homecoming. by the way, the parent devotion book is a great source, i have enjoyed it so much, thanks so much for your help

A: Great question! The women on the homecoming court do wear corsages, but they are provided by our office. The dates for homecoming this year are October 31-November 7th. There are student events all week, but the larger alumni day and games is Saturday, November 7th. I'll send you are student event schedule to your e-mail. The final version is put out by alumni services in about two weeks of all events! It's a great tradition at Union and we look forward to that week very much, Meanwhile, I am glad you are enjoying the devotional book. The students have been such a blessing and we are grateful for them! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury 731.661.5090 kthornbu@uu.edu

Date Answered: September 14, 2009

Q: Hi KT: It's tax time, and we are eagerly awaiting 1098-T! As for incoming Freshman (Fall '08) I would assume we will only claim 1/2 annual tuition and scholarships, since payment # 2 occurs in Feb '09. Sound right? Thanks, Fred M

A: Dear Mr. Morgan,

The credits are available for qualified tuition and related expenses incurred in a particular tax year. Winter or spring term expenses would not have been deemed to be incurred in 2008. Gary L. Carter Sr. VP for Business and Financial Services Union University

Date Answered: January 26, 2009

Q: Is there a way to order sweatshirts, tshirts, etc. online? I am an alumni who lives in Illinois and have never been able to get back to visit. I would love to "advertise" for my alma mater! Thank you for your help.

A: Kirsten,

Thanks so much for your mail and your question. The LifeWay bookstore on our campus carries a wide variety of shirts, sweats, "hoodies", gifts, and memorabilia. They are currently working to place this shop on-line so that loyal alums like yourself can purchase memorabilia. I hope that it will be up and going in a few weeks.

I invite you to give me a call at (800) 338-6644, and I will be glad to possibly shop for you. I'm certain that I can help you.

Thanks for allowing us to serve you!

Gary Alumni Guy

Date Answered: January 16, 2009

Q: How will we get the Form 1098-T and when is tuition due for the Winter and Spring terms?

A: Hello and Happy New Year!

The 1098-T form will be mailed at the end of January to each student's home address.

Winter term tuition bills will be mailed at the end of this week (approximately January 9th.) Winter term tuition is due Friday, January 30th.

At this time, I do not have an exact due date for the Spring term tuition bill.

If you would like more information regarding tuition, you may contact Tina Giddens in the Business and Financial Services office at 731-661-5299 or by e-mail at tgiddens@uu.edu.

I hope this information will be helpful to you.

Tina Netland Administrative Assistant to the VP for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: January 06, 2009

Q: I have tried to find out when grades are posted for the Fall 2008 term, and cannot find the date. According to the parent's guide, the posting date for grades is supposed to be available from the Parent's Place web site.

A: Hello! Great question! I'm sure many folks are anxious to see those first semester grades! Professors post their grades through Web Advisor, and students can access them immediately. The deadline for posting grades was 9:00 am this morning. If for some reason a professor missed the 9:00 am deadline, the student will see an "X" for that class instead of a grade. The student can contact the professor by phone or e-mail to inquire about their grade for the semester.

I hope that helps! Have a blessed Christmas.


Tina Netland Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: December 22, 2008

Q: Is it ok to ask students to come home with my kids at Thanksgiving. Do we need permission or any other information.

A: That is so kind! You are wonderful! No, there is nothing you need to do. Students staying on campus during the break need to sign in at the commons to let us know they are here. But if they are going, they don't need to do anything! THanks for showing such terrific hospitality to our students! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, VP for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: November 10, 2008

Q: Do you have information for students who are away from home and their County Election Commission where they are registered to vote? Will the University provide ways to make it possible for them to vote in the upcoming election?

A: Great question! In an effort to encourage students to get involved and vote, we've posted flyers since the beginning of school and also had e-nnouncements with information on how to get registered to vote. The deadline for registering to vote here in Tennessee was last Monday, October 6th.

There is a wonderful website called www.canivote.org. It is a nonpartisan web site created by state election officials to help eligible voters learn about candidates, voting early, absentee ballots, and voter registration. It also helps voters figure out how and where to go vote.

Also, students can check out the SIFE sponsored facebook group, "UU vote '08" for more information.

Date Answered: October 13, 2008

Q: What is the best way to send my daughter flowers?

A: You are a great dad!

I think that the BEST way to get flowers delivered is to request and afternoon delivery to McAfee Commons (which opens at 11:00 M-F, noon on Sat and 1:00 pm on Sun.) When the flowers arrive at McAfee commons, the RA will call the room of the student (or text, e-mail or deliver the flowers to their room) and have the student pick up the flowers. Since the commons is open so late, it's nice that the students can grab the flowers at their leisure (well, until 1:00 a.m.!).

Two florists I personally recommend are: Kroger florist - 731.661.0910 J Kent Freeman - 731.668.1188 (slightly more expensive, but the most unique, classiest florist in town.)

Again, request an AFTERNOON delivery to the McAfee Commons. If they need a phone number, call the McAfee commons at 731.661.5054. (Enter through Walker Road, turn left after the welcome house, and take the second left.) The commons straight ahead on the right. Both of these florists know where this is.)

If the florist can only do a morning delivery, then it can come to the Post Office. The director of Mailing Svs (Vanessa) will sign for it, and place a note in their box right away to come to the window to pick it up.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I am glad she is at Union and think you are so kind to consider sending her a "happy first week of school!"

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: September 15, 2008

Q: A friend, whose daughter is an upperclassman at Union, said that there was a devotional guide for parents of new freshmen. She said that it was very helpful in knowing how to specifically pray for her daughter as she started college and it helped with the transition pains of being separated for the first time. Is this devotion guide still available on-line? If so, where?

A: We are so thankful that the book has been a blessing. It is funded by our Parent's Council, and written by Union faculty and staff. We do not have it online, but I would be happy to send you a copy. (Are you arriving Thursday night? Parents will receive it at the 4:30 parents session.) But again, I would be more than happy to send you a personal copy. It was our hope to take the most common issues a freshman might walk though and provide advice and scripture as we pray for them specifically. Just send your address to kthornbu@Uu.edu and I will send that to you this week! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: August 31, 2008

Q: My daughter's R.A. said that two of the bedrooms in each room are smaller due to front walkway. Is this true and if so what do those room measure? Are they smaller, same size or larger then what they had.

A: We are checking on that. Yes, there is a 19 inch difference, we think, but we are getting exact measurements as they compare to the rooms in Heritage (formerly McAfee) and then all the new bedrooms. We are getting our measuring tape out and will let you now soon. All the window and closet measurements posted on the residence life website, however, will certainly be the same. Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury

Date Answered: August 31, 2008

Q: Are the new dorms ready for students to move in? If not, what is the plan for students who will be reporting early?

A: Hello! Thank you for your question! Students who will arrive on campus early for university purposes will most likely be able to move directly into their assigned apartments after check in. We are working very hard to have the complex ready as soon as possible. If she arrives before her exact new apartment is ready, we would ask her stay in Heritage Residence Complex (formerly McAfee) for a night or two until her new apartment is ready. (We are getting very close!)

When she arrives on campus to check-in, she can go to the McAfee Commons building, and RAs will check her in there. If you need to know what time her group is checking in, please feel free to email me at jtharp@uu.edu or call 731.661.5432. Remember that every group that is arriving early is assigned a specific window of time for check in to ensure that staff is there to take care of all your check in needs, so it's important to call and get that her exact time for her specific leadership group.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Jennifer Tharp, Office of Residence Life

Date Answered: August 28, 2008

Q: Can you tell me the dimensions of the bed rooms in the news dorns. Can the furniture be moved around? and also what kind of lighting is in the rooms? Thank you

A: Hello Mrs. Robbins! Thank you for your questions!

With the exception of the handicap accessible apartments, the living rooms are 19' 6" wide by 12' 7" deep, and the bedrooms are 9' wide by 12' 7" deep.

The bedroom furniture in the new complex (and in Dodd and Grey in McAfee Residence Complex) will be free-standing, so students will be able to rearrange the furniture.

In the new complex, the lighting in the living room and the bedroom is a bulb fixture with a cover. The light bulbs will be provided by the University.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email me back or call at 731.661.5432. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Jennifer Tharp Office of Residence Life 1050 Union University Dr. Jackson, TN 38305 731.661.5432 FAX 731.661.5017 jtharp@uu.edu

Date Answered: August 07, 2008

Q: In the past the beds were attached to the wall. It is my understanding the new beds are not and are adjustable in height. Is this correct? If it is correct, could you tell us what height the beds can be raised to so we can buy storage for underneath? Also, can you use the 'leg risers' available at BedBath&Beyond, etc. to raise the beds even higher?

A: The beds in Quads A, B, C and D as well as 2 buildings (Dodd and Grey) in McAfee Residence Complex will have height-adjustable beds which have several height-settings (up to a clearance of approximately 29" under the bed), eliminating the need for the Bed Lifts (which are either 3 1/2" or 7"). The beds in the remaining 9 buildings (Craig, Dehoney, Jarman, Lee, Paschall, Pollard, Rogers, Sullivan and Wright) in McAfee Residence Complex will still have the built-in beds on which bed lifts cannot be used. The clearance is approximately 10" under the built-in beds.

If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me at 731.661.LIFE.

Thank you, Kathy Southall Director of Residence Life

Date Answered: July 14, 2008

Q: Two questions on the new dorms: 1) Will there be 'planter shelves' near the ceiling as before for storage and 2) will shower stalls have doors or need curtains. Thank you

A: Hello! Thank you for your questions! The bedrooms in the New Complex will not have overhead storage for the length of the room as you saw in McAfee Residence Complex. The only overhead storage in the bedrooms in the New Complex will be above the closet, which is a space approximately 48' wide, 24' tall, and 22' deep.

The showers in the New Complex will require a shower curtain, which will be provided by Union. You can supply a decorative shower curtain if you prefer. A standard-sized shower curtain will work well if you choose to have one (most students do).

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Jennifer Tharp, Office of Residence Life

Date Answered: July 02, 2008

Q: Will the showers need a curtain and if so what size? Our daugther said it is just a 'stall' and not a bath tub with shower as before.

A: Hello! Thank you for your question!

You are correct. The showers in the New Residence Complex are standing showers as opposed to the tub/showers you probably saw in McAfee Residence Complex.

A shower curtain will be provided for the showers in each apartment on campus. If you prefer to bring a decorative shower curtain, we suggest using a standard-sized shower curtain.

If you have any other questions, we would be happy to help!

Jennifer Tharp Office of Residence Life

Date Answered: July 02, 2008

Q: We had such a great time yesterday at registration with our son. We ALL left with such anticipation and joy for the upcoming fall semester. I LOVE the parents' place site. As I was glancing through and trying to get familiar with things, I noticed that the the agenda showed on the first day of the week of Orientation a session for parents. Should we plan to attend any certain days of that week? Again, thanks for this way for parents to stay in the loop! God Bless.

A: We are so glad you had a great time! This is a fantastic class and we can't wait until September! Thanks, too for the kind words about this site. I am glad it's helpful and we are always open to suggestions you may have to help you get the information you need! Once you move your son into residence life on Thursday, Sept 4th, the large orientation (called focus) session will begin at 4:00 in the chapel! After a time with everyone, the students will break up into their smaller focus groups, and I'll have a time to talk with the parents at the parents session still in the chapel. Then, everyone will meet back up for a dinner picnic. Then, we all go back to the chapel for our worship and dedication service that will end by 8:30 p.m. After that time, the parents give one last big hug to their son or daughter, and we take it from there! If you are driving long distances, I would plan to stay overnight in Jackson Thursday night because it's a whirlwind day. But again, after Thursday at 8:30 p.m. we do ask that parents head home so we can begin our programming with this amazing class! I hope that helps! Write anytime!! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students 731.661.5090

Date Answered: June 28, 2008

Q: KT: On settling the financial plan for an incoming freshman, what can we expect on June 27 (registration). When do we need all financial strategies complete - payment plan, cash payments, etc.? Thanks, FM

A: We are so excited that you are coming!!! Thanks for the note! I know for certain that no payment will be due on June 27th. The exact deadlines are still TBA, but I know that all the deadlines will be explained on Friday, and information about the payment plans (and brochures) will be discussed at that time. So again, don't worry about any payment by June. The balance deadline will most likely be in August, but those exact dates will be explained on 6/27 once all the offices agree on the exact timetable. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! Warmly, Kimberly

Date Answered: June 20, 2008

Q: We are in the process of replacing the items my daughter lost in the tornado and part of that is linens. Here are my questions - will the bedroom closets have doors - if not what are the dimensions so we can buy a curtain. Also Can we have the dimensions of the other windows - both in the bedrooms, living area and others as appropriate. Thanks

A: Hello Glynis!

Thank you for your question! If your daughter is in the new complex, her bedroom and living room windows will be 34 1/4" wide x 46 1/4" tall. Her closet will be 48" wide x 84"deep.

To answer the other part of your question, the closets in the new complex will be open to the room with no doors, like they are in McAfee Residence Complex.

If we can answer any other questions, feel free to contact us at 731.661.5432!

Jennifer Tharp Office of Residence Life (reslife@uu.edu)

Date Answered: June 16, 2008

Q: Where can I find the Dean's List and President's List for fall 2007 and winter 2008?

A: Great question! To confirm if a student made the Dean's or President's list, please call the Academic Center at 731.661.5040. The list is also sent to the hometown newspaper of the student from the Office of University Communications (731.661.5177.) However, after your great question, the academic center and Office of University Communications is considering posting the names in the future on the website as a way to honor them. We won't post past names, but again, they are considering posting them in the future per your question. Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Service and Dean of Students (731.661.5090 or kthornbu@uu.edu)

Date Answered: June 16, 2008

Q: What is chapel probation? And what are the consequences of probation?

A: Thanks for your question. We strongly believe in corporate worship, so we do require students to attend 14 of the 30+ chapels offered each semester for their first six semesters at Union. This year, because of the altered schedule, students were to attend three chapels of the six offered.

Students who do not attend 14 chapels per semester will be placed on chapel probation. Students on chapel probation will be expected to attend 14 chapels during the next semester as well as the balance of chapels they missed the semester prior. Students who are on chapel probation for two semesters may face suspension from the University for one semester.

If you have any questions about our chapel policy and/or your students status, you may contact Phyllis Davenport, chapel facilitator at pdavenpo@uu.edu and she will be happy to answer any questions you have!

Date Answered: May 05, 2008

Q: Hi. Our question is regarding the closing of residence dorms on May 15. Our daughter is housed at The Jett and she is to play at graduation. Is she allowed to stay on campus until Saturday or is she required to leave and come back?

A: Great question. We are 99% sure that answer will be yes! We are trying to determine what we need to do about front desk work with the RA's being gone. So, the best case situation is that she would live in the Jett. The worst case would be that at night, she would need to head to a McAfee room to sleep. We are working out the details this week, and will let you know very soon. This is a great question! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury

Date Answered: April 19, 2008

Q: I am transferring from Virginia Tech to Union this coming fall and will be entering as a Junior. I will not be turning 21 until next January and was wondering if I would be allowed to live off-campus? I heard that transfer students would be allowed to do so and was wondering if this was true.

A: Thank you so much for your note. We are thrilled you are going to be joining us at Union in the fall. I am so sorry about all you have gone through at VA Tech. Our students know a thing or two about trials, so hopefully you will find comfort and understanding here! We would love to tempt you with our 800 brand new bedrooms that we are building - apartments of 4, each with a full kitchen, living room, private bedroom, all furnished, two bathrooms, washer and dryer and amazing relationships, programming (and distance to campus.) There is nothing like getting out of bed at 7:45 and still making it to your 8:00 class! But, in answer to your questions, transfer students (only) with 13+ earned (not CLEP or AP or duel enrollment hours earned) do have the option of living off campus. Our residence life web page also lists the most popular off campus apartments, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Residence Life at 731.661.5433 (LIFE) or reslife@uu.edu. Please let us know if you have any questions! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, VP for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: April 19, 2008

Q: I would like to know what how many sophomores are admitted to Union Greek organizations?

A: Every fall we have Formal Recruitment for both the fraternities and sororities. This is a time for your student to get to know the organizations and see if Greek Life is a good fit for him/her. Although a majority of the students who participate in Formal Recruitment are freshman, there are still a number of sophomores, juniors, and even seniors who choose to participate in the process. It depends from year to year as to how many sophomores join Greek Life, and they are more than welcome to participate in Formal Recruitment. Jason Castles Director of Student Leadership Development jcastles@uu.edu

Date Answered: April 15, 2008

Q: Is the tutition going to be raised for next year for current Union students?

A: Yes, the tuition for students will be raised (as it has been each year.) However, it will be the lowest tuition increase in recent history. Please see the url below for complete information about tuition and fees! www.uu.edu/admissions/financialinfo/tuition20082009.pdf

Please know that all these rebuilding projects are not raised though tuition dollars - all tuition goes to yearly operating educational expenses (of which funds for tuition are just around 70% percent of the annual operating budget for Union), and Union fundraising works to pay for all the new buildings and capitol projects.

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: April 05, 2008

Q: Can parents purchase U.U. bumper stickers or other U.U.items through the website?

A: Our bookstore, Lifeway Christian Store is in the process of working on a website. The manager hopes in the next few months that we would be able to offer this service. Meanwhile, his contact number is below and I am certain he can take care of any product purchase via the phone!

Andy Morris LifeWay Christian Store #4903 1016 Union University Drive Jackson, TN 39305 731.668.9492 phone 731.668.9702 fax

Date Answered: March 25, 2008

Q: My daughter is a new incoming freshman for Spring and I would like to know when is the earlist that she can move into her dorm?

A: Welcome to Union! We are so glad she will be here! She can move in on 9:00 Tuesday, January 29th, the day before classes begin. Because she is a brand new student, if she needs more time, please call Jennifer Tharp at 731.661.5432.

Also, she will have an orientation dinner that night at 5:00 in Coburn dining room. You will receive a letter about this, but I wanted to let you know so it's on your calendar. It will last about two hours and provide helpful practical information to get her off on the right foot and allow her to meet other new students.

We are glad that she is coming. If there are any questions you have, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students 731.661.5090

Date Answered: January 03, 2008

Q: Dean Thornberry: When will fall semester grades be posted and available to the students? Thanks and Merry Christmas.

A: So sorry for my delayed response! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with your family! All grades were to be posted by 9 a.m. Monday morning (Dec 17). If there is a problem, special permission needs to be granted from the Provost. So, you should see them on webadvisor by now! (You probably figured that out by now! Again, my apologies!) Have a great 2008! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury

Date Answered: January 02, 2008

Q: When my daughter moves out of her dorm (McAfee) on December 13, does she need to take everything home with her if she is moving back into the same dorm room the end of January? Or will she be allowed to leave some of her stuff there - like her side table, lamp, rug, knick-knacks, pictures on the wall, etc.?

A: Yes, that is no problem at all. We do recommend that she take any "expensive" items home (computers, etc.) but the room will be locked and untouched until she returns! Have a wonderful holiday season!

Date Answered: December 07, 2007

Q: Where can I find the information on the Sentry Student Security Plan?

A: Hi Megan! Thank you for writing. Here is the direct link to the section of website that provides information on Health Insurance for students - http://www.uu.edu/studentservices/healthservices/insurance.cfm. I will also have our Health Services Office e-mail you directly with further information. Have a terrific day!

Blessings, Karen Taylor Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Student Services

Date Answered: November 05, 2007

Q: My daughter is considering coming to the December 7th Preview Day and she would like to spend the night with her Godsister who already attends Union. Is it possible for her to do that as long as her sister has the permission or her dorm mates?

A: We are so glad she is coming to Union! Yes, we are so thrilled she is able to spend the night. Spending the night in the residence complexes is highly recommended. And, for anyone reading this who is also interested, enrollment services can arrange for your son or daughter stay with a student host on campus! Again, it's a great way to get another look at campus life at Union. In terms of your question, your daughter would just need to also sign in at the residential commons. In case of emergency, we like to know who is on campuus for "accounting" purposes. I pray your daughter has a wonderful time. I look forward to meeting you on Preview day! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: November 05, 2007

Q: Could you check on my e-announcements? I received one on Sept. 24, but none since. Have you sent them and I missed them? Or am I looking for them too often?

A: Hi Mrs. Britt, Thank you so much for writing! We are glad that you enjoy receiving e-nnouncements. I am sorry that you have had trouble receiving our e-mail these past two weeks. We send out e-nnouncements each Monday, so you should have at least received two editions since the 24th of September. I normally have two suggestions when parents have trouble receiving our e-mail. First of all, I will take your e-mail address out of our e-mail list and reenter it to hopefully reset any technical glitches that could have occurred. In addition, you might want to check your spam filter in case it has decided to “trap” our e-mail these past few weeks. I will send you a copy of this week’s e-nnouncements directly to your e-mail address so that you will have a copy. Also, be on the lookout for e-nnouncements on Monday. If you still do not receive them at that time (after checking your filter), we will check with our webmaster and see if he can take a look at the problem. Hopefully, this will resolve your problem. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you!

Blessings, Karen Taylor Administrative Assistant to the VP for Student Services & Dean of Students

Date Answered: October 12, 2007

Q: Dr Thornbury, My husband and I have been concerned about the furniture in our sons dorm. Is there anything in the works as to new furniture for their living area? Stacy Darty

A: Oh yes, we are aware that there are many apartments that have furniture that needs to be replaced. We have ordered some furniture for the women's complex, but should have better furniture to replace his apartment in about 2 weeks. It will not be brand new, but much better that what he has currently! Again, we have a plan for ordering new furniture about 2-3 times a year and slowly replacing all the furniture. Thanks for your patience, and we hope to make changes as early as next week!

Date Answered: October 04, 2007

Q: I am not a parent, However I have applied to attend your school beginning Spring Semester and my friend began there in August. Is it still possible for to be able to share a room or do we have to wait and request that for next year? Also my mom would like to know are the admission costs the same even though I have missed a semester? Thanks in Advance!!

A: You certainly can room together as early as this spring. When your friend signs up for housing for the spring semester (this is usually done in November), she should be sure to request that you are in her room. There are four or five girls to an apartment (depending if it is a kitchen or non kitchen unit.) The only thing we would request is that you have your housing application in (and a note that you want to room with your friend on the card), you housing deposit paid, and that your friend who is continuing at Union also reserves a space for you during housing sign ups. (e.g. she needs to be sure she doesn't fill the rooms with all continuing girls, but saves a room for you.) We are happy to accommodate and so thankful you are coming to Union!

In terms of the admissions costs - yes, they would be the same (minus the $100 orientation fee.) Enrollment services is going to contact you directly about the exact costs (based on major, possibly lab fees, etc. so you can have a very solid number with which to work. Again, we look forward to seeing you! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: September 14, 2007

Q: When making a surprise visit to Union's campus is it OK to go straight to our daughter's dorm and knock on the door? She has already infomed us of the 'Open Visitation' schedule which I understand to mean that male visitors could only visit during those times. Does that schedule apply to female visitors as well or could I visit at any time?

A: How sweet! Yes, certainly it is ok if a mom just goes to her daughter's door! That is wonderful! However, if dad or brother come along, they will need to check in at the commons (open 11 a.m.-1:a.m. M-R, F 11 a.m. - 2 a.m., Sat noon to 2 a.m. and Sun 1 p.m. - 1 a.m.!) Even though they may look like the typical dad or typical brother, it is our protocol to approach and question any male in the female complex during non-visitation. So, all family can certainly visit during non visitation, just opposite sex relatives need to sign in at the commons so we aren't worried that there is a "strange man" walking around back there! : ) I hope your visit goes well. And my lips are sealed! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: September 07, 2007

Q: Is there a quick and simple way for our daughter to connect with others who need to get to the Memphis airport on Wednesday evening, October 17th, to fly home for fall break? She would be willing to drive her vehicle, and we would like for her to have some company, especially in and from the parking lot into the terminal. She's loving Union and is meeting lots of new friends, but I don't know that they'll get around to talking about such things before we need to make arrangements. If she doesn't find another or two to go, what is the shuttle situation from the school? (We very much enjoyed hearing from you and your husband during the moving in weekend! Thank you for your efforts and ministries.) Thank you for having this wonderful resource.

A: Thank you for your kind words! This is a wonderful freshman class and we are enjoying them so much! Early each semester I do get a number of e-mails/calls from parents asking about rides to Memphis. From nine years experience, 95% of the time by the time a student needs a ride, they have expanded their network of friends and very easily find someone to take them. (Through frinds or the folks in the Union facebook network that live in Memphis, etc.) They also have a ride board in the student lounge in the SUB that is used (infrequently) for ride sharing. (Students love to split gas costs!) In the event that a student does need a ride, our office can arrange transportation to Memphis for $75. (That is per trip, so if several friends are going, they can split that fee.) This is the slightly less than the cost of the government reimbursement for milage plus a small stipend for the driver. Normally we like to know at least a week in advance. But, it is an option! (There is no other commercial shuttle service to Memphis.) I hope that helps! Call anytime if you need help with this, and tell her she can stop by ANYTIME if she wants some names of specific students who we could tell her might be a good fit to call. I hope you have a great night and thanks for writing! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: September 05, 2007

Q: I'm not a parent but i am a junior in high school and i am thinking about attending union for two years of college then transfering.I have two questions. 1-can i just go to union for 2 years then transfer?2-My best friend and I are going to be living in a apartment together, since she will be going to freed hardmen, and i was wondering if i could live off campus for the 2 years i'm there?

A: Thanks for thinking of Union! We are excited about you considering studying here! First of all, I would really talk to the office of undergraduate admissions at 1.800.33Union or Patricia Porter at pporter@uu.edu! They are so very helpful and would love to help you every step of the way. If you do transfer here after two years, you could live off campus. Normally all students under 21 must reside on campus unless commuting from home, but transfer students with a year of credits under their belt qualify to live off campus. (But we have new housing being built as I write - so check us out! It could be pretty tempting!) Again, I am so glad you are thinking of Union and I hope you will talk with us about all your options after your graduation in two years. I think you are very smart for thinking about this now! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: August 29, 2007

Q: Help! we have misplaced the window & closet measurements we took in June. My daughter is in McAfee.

A: No worries! Let me get those and e-mail you early tomorrow! The residence life staff is on leadership retreat right now, but those measurements should be easy to get later tonight! We will be in touch. You are a good mom! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: August 21, 2007

Q: I am confused about the bed issue. My daughter will be moving into Hurt this coming weekend. I read in one place that regular twin sheets are needed, then read in another place that extra long sheets are needed. Please let me know. Also, is it posssible to get a measuremet of the closet height? Thank you.

A: Good point!! You are right, that is confusing. We are going to change that on the wesbite!

You should bring twin sheets. That will fit your mattress. At the end of some of the twin mattresses are a stumpy "bolster" that are used for tall people. Sometimes people buy an extra long mattress to fit over their twin mattress and the bolster. But most people can get buy with just buying a twin and leaving the bolster exposed. (There are probably more sheet options in just the regular twin as well.)Not everyone even has a bolster. If you don't have an optional bolster at the end of your mattress, you just use that space for extra blankets, etc. (Ok, not to confuse you even more, but there was a time when extra long mattresses were ordered, but they are mostly for athletic rooms, and I will assure you that Emily's room has a regular twin mattress.)

The closet space is approximately the same size as a shower curtain (70' long and 72' wide).

Great questions! Keep them coming! We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Vice President of Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: August 20, 2007

Q: On the Sunday of Orientation Weekend, August 26th, are all three of the meals covered by Union? What meal on which date, does our student start using his dawg tag? Thanks so very much. David is very excited about being at Union next week !! Ashlie Clay

A: Excellent question! The meals for students are covered for Saturday night and all three meals Sunday. Parents/families are encouraged to buy a ticket for the Saturday meal that will be after the parents session and before the worship service. The ticket is about $3 or $4, and it's great bbq. Tickets will be on sale when he picks up his orientation name tag in the PAC hallway near the Library on Saturday. Again, that Saturday night meal is free for him, but you will need to get a ticket for yourself.

The Dawg Tag plan begins Monday at breakfast. However, Tuesday morning Student Services brings free donuts, muffins and fruit near the residential complexes to sort of give the students some morning energy before the day begins. (The student life staff is sort of high energy at 8:00 a.m.! The students = well, not so much!) If you are a commuting student and read this, don't worry - your meals are covered by your orientation fee Monday. You will just need to sign in at the cafeteria as a commuter. (There are also commuting meal plans available. Ask me about them if interested.)

Hope that helps! Keep those great questions coming! We are getting ready for you! New parking lot being built, site work on the new residential complex has begun, everyone is moved into the new White Hall science building, the ampitheatre is being built, followed by a beautiful expansion to Coburn Dining Room. Plus, despite the 106 degree temps, 80% of Union's campus is being paved before new students arrive. So much going on - and we can't wait for you all to get here!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: August 18, 2007

Q: Do the meal plans start during freshman orientation? Or are those meals included as part of the orientation process?

A: Great question! During move in day, the Saturday evening meal is free for students. Parents/family members can purchase tickets for $2. We encourage you to eat at Union, because dinner will be after the welcome and Parents' Session but before the worship service that begins at 7:00 (everyone is strongly encouraged to attend!)Plus, it's great food, close and inexpensive!

In addition to Saturday night, all the Sunday night meals are covered for new students. New students begin using their meal plan Monday at breakfast, however Student Services provides breakfast Tuesday morning. We have special meal tickets for commuting students for meals on Monday and Tuesday. (Classes begin Wednesday.)

Also, this does not apply to you, but I thought I would mention that Dawg Tags (ID cards) are not released until the bill is paid (or loans are noted that they are arriving) and without an ID, a student can't eat - so it's really important for families to take care of the bill before orientation begins!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: July 18, 2007

Q: I'm not getting the Monday updates. I submitted my email address several weeks ago and then tried to do it again and it said I was already in the system, but I am not receiving anything. Do you not send them during the summer? Or do I have another problem?

A: You did the right thing and you are on the list! During the summer months, we do not do e-nnouncments. Because the information is just limited to those on campus, we distribute information via the residence complexes to the target audience. (But, you have a great point, we will make a note on the sign up web page that e-nnouncments is limited and/or suspended during the summer months so it does not confuse people!)

The first e-nnoucement of the 07-08 academic year should go out not later than Monday, August 27th! We hope that you find it helpful! Meanwhile, if there are any questions you have, please keep them coming! We trust you are having a wonderful summer!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: July 17, 2007

Q: Dear Kimberly: Where do I go online to order Jami's books? She will be coming in August, 2007. I have her schedule already. Thanks, Brenda

A: Hi Brenda! We have two options: We can fax your schedule to LifeWay today (they can pull all the books and have them ready when you arrive for move in day. They will pull used books first to save you money.) Or, I can give you the professors e-mail addresses if you want to see if you can get the books that way or ISBN number. (Lifeway won't really tell you the books unless you order from them because, as you can imagine, they want to retain a certain amount of textbook marketshare.) Let me know if I can fax that to Lifeway today (or you can call Lifeway at 731.668.9492) or send you the professor's e-mails! Have a great day! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students.

Date Answered: June 26, 2007

Q: A fantastic site, and brilliant effort. A great piece of work. Best regards!

A: Thank you for your encouraging words! Remember, if you have any ideas or suggestions about how we can make it better, or any information you have found hard to find, please let us know! Thanks again for you note! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students.

Date Answered: June 26, 2007

Q: Kimberly: Thank you for Parent's Place! Many of my questions have already been answered! Would you please send a health insurance brochure for Jami. We currently have Blue Cross for her but might be interested in another provider. Our address is: Tom and Brenda Grogan, 3085 Hwy 47 North, White Bluff, TN 37187 Thanks! Brenda

A: Wonderful! I am so glad this has been helpful to you! We are prayng for Jami by name and are excited for school to begin! Yes, we will send you the insurance information today! Once you receive it, if you have any questions, please call Cheryl Mercker in the Office of Health Services at 731.661.5284. Have a wonderful day! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: June 26, 2007

Q: I am looking for a female to sit with my kids for the summer?

A: Greetings from Union University!

The Career Services office will be happy to post your sitter position on our employment opportunities website. This website is password protected and available exclusively to our Union students and alumni. Your posting will remain ACTIVE for 60 days, and then it will become INACTIVE unless you inform us otherwise. When the job is filled, please feel free to update our office, and we can deactivate the job posting.

In order to complete our employer contact information, could you please send me your name, contact information which includes your mailing address, email address, cell phone, and a job description listing the number of children to care for, number of days per week and the number of hours per day as well as your pay rate? I can be reached at rjones@uu.edu or 731.661.5421.

I do thank you in advance!


Reneé Jones Assistant Director of Recruitment & Information Technology Career Services

Date Answered: May 18, 2007

Q: Do students have to live in a dormroom if they live in jackson in an apartment? I ask this because my daughter is thinking of going to college there and she wants to buy her own home there.

A: Excellent question! If a student owns a house, we usually allow them to live there. (e.g. if they actually own the house and have a mortgage, not simply renting it.) However, often they want to rent rooms to their friends, but we wil not approve friends (current Union students) to live with them until they are seniors. They would not be allowed to live in an apartment. Again, we believe so strongly in the value of a residential education, that our policies really discourage off campus living the first three years. I hope that helps! These are excellent questions. Please do not hesitate to write again or call me at 731.661.5090. We would certainly love for your daughter to be part of the Union family. Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: May 15, 2007

Q: Do students have to live in a dormroom their freshman year at union, or can the students live in an apartment in the town.

A: Great question! Yes, Union believes strongly in the value of the residential community (and the things students will learn outside of the classroom.) Therefore, all students who are not 21 before September 1 of the academic year are required to reside on campus. Exceptions include students commuting from home (or with a relative), married or have part-time status. We are building the first of 12 new residential apartment buildings that will be ready Fall of 2008. They are beautiful. All our our students enjoy private bedrooms in apartments of 4-5 students. We have a 24/7 hour security and residential life staff that is committed to student safety and the development of a Christian worldview in all aspects of life. If you want to know more, or if I can assist in any way, plesae do not hesitate to contact me! Warmly, Kimberly C. Thornbury, Ph.D Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students kthornbu@uu.edu, 731.661.5090

Date Answered: May 14, 2007

Q: On the question and answer page one parent asks for: "a link to a pictorial view of a standard dorm room, together with a schematic drawing that gives the dimensions of various aspects of the dorm room - from the "closet and desk area to the area that encompasses the bed and the available "open" floor space." I tried to go to the page in the response you gave them, but it is no longer there. Is there anywhere I could find dimensions of the dorm room and things in the dorm room (specifically for McAfee, if possible)?

A: Hi Julie! Thanks so much for your question and we are happy to give you the Residence Life link to the virtual tour as well as the layout of an apartment. Go to www.uu.edu/studentservices/residencelife and click on “Housing Options (contains virtual tour).” Below I have provided the measurements for an apartment in McAfee Residence Complex . Since there may be a slight variation between apartments, please view these measurements as “guidelines” rather than precise measurements for all apartments. In McAfee, the dimensions of the living room are 16’ x 12’ 4”. The bedroom is 12’ x 7’ 3” wall-to-wall, however, the open floor space is approximately 8’ 9” x 4’. The built-in bed is along one wall. The desk (4’ 2” x 1’ 10”) and the closet (4’ x 2’) are built-in along another wall and the chest-of-drawers can be placed against either of the two remaining walls. In Hurt and Watters Residence Complexes there are varying sizes of bedrooms and living rooms because of the placement of outside staircases and depending on whether the apartment is a kitchen apartment or non-kitchen apartment.

Thank you again for the question and we apologize for the delay in response. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to let us know!

Thank you! Kathy Southall Director of Residence Life

Date Answered: April 18, 2007

Q: The school calendar says that dorms close on May 17th. My daughter tells me she has finals on the 18th. what is the correct dorm closing date??? Thanks!

A: Thanks for the note! Don't worry! The residence complexes close down on Friday (or Saturday for those who are graduating.) Technically, students are required to leave campus six hours after their finals (so as not to be a distraction to those who still have finals to take.) However, the residence directors can be flexible about that depending on your destination. But in your case - please know that your daughter can stay and take her final! No worries and I am sorry for that incorrect date. I hope your family has a wonderful Easter and are refreshed by God's grace!! Warmly, Kimberly C. Thornbury Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students

Date Answered: April 04, 2007

Q: Hi, we were wondering if they is a certain time for returning students to move in on January 30th, or if it is any time that day? thanks

A: Hi, Sue Thank you for your email! We are excited for Spring semester students to arrive back on-campus on Tuesday, January 30th. The residence complexes will be open at 9:00 a.m. and students may check-in at their Commons and receive their apartment keys any time after that time. Have a great day! Kathy Southall Director of Residence Life

Date Answered: January 16, 2007

Q: We are parents of two UU students--1 a sophomore, 1 a senior--and we are so grateful for all your work at UU to make their stay educational, profitable, workable and above all, Christian. Just need one question answered: when is spring break in 2007? Thanks!

A: Thank you for writing! We apologize for the delay in response. Spring Break for students will be Monday, April 2, 2007 - Monday, April 9, 2007. Classes will resume on Tuesday, April 10th. We hope that you have wonderful Holiday season! If you we can be of any further assistance to you, please let us know.

Blessings, Karen Taylor Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students

Date Answered: December 12, 2006

Q: Will returning students need to remove all their belongings from the dorm room between semesters?

A: Hi Cathy, We hope that your son has had a great Fall semester! Students do not have to move their belongings out of their dorm room, unless they are moving into a new bedroom/apartment, in which case they have to move their things into their new bedroom/apartment before they leave for Christmas break. This week, the students will be receiving a closing flyer with all of these details. We hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas Break!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Dean of Students

Date Answered: December 04, 2006

Q: Can students rollover unused meals on the 150 meal Block Plan to the next semester?

A: Great question! However, block meal plans can not roll over to the next semester. (This is due to both enrollment/accounting and inventory issues.) The block meal plans was introduced 18 months ago as an alternative to the weekly meal plan that did not have "roll over" meals week to week. The block meal plan is wildly popular with over 80% of our students choosing that plan. If your son has extra meals, they can always bring a guest(s) in on the card as to not "waste" meals. if you have any questions, please let me know! We are glad your son is at Union and hope the semester is going well! Press on as we enter these last few weeks of the semester and enjoy your time together over Thanksgiving! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Dean of Studnets

Date Answered: November 15, 2006

Q: Our daughter is a freshman at Union, and we are thankful that she has made a very good adjustment. Being at a Christian school and having so many other MKs there have been real blessings for her. We have asked her how we can access her WebAdvisor but she does not know what her password is or how we find that page. Would you please let us know how we can get to that page on the web? (We are missionaries to Uganda and will be returning there in December. We would like to keep up with how she's doing academically.) Also please let us know the dates that tuition is due for the January and Spring terms. We need to help her know how to manage these financial details once we are back in Africa. Our daughter will have a car on campus once she returns to Union in January. Are there any benefits to changing the car's registration to TN rather than leaving it registered in NC? Thank you for your answers/advice on these issues. Thanks also for your ministry there at Union.

A: Thank you so much for writing! We are so glad that your daughter has had a great semester. WebAdvisor can be accessed at webadvisor.uu.edu. Her username and password for this will be the same username and password that she uses to log into her Union e-mail account. If she does not have this information, she can call 731.661.5400 and they will happy to provide her with that information.

In regard to tuition, the balance for the Winter term will be due prior to the date that your daughter takes her final exam in January (around the last week in January). The spring term begins January 31, 2007, and any out-of-pocket expenses are due before the onset of the semester. Currently, we do not know of any benefit to changing the location of her car registration from NC to TN. However, we will definitely look further into this and send you an e-mail if we find out additional information.

Again, we are so glad that your daughter is at Union and we thank you for your work in Uganda! Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Blessings, Karen Taylor Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students

Date Answered: November 15, 2006

Q: Is it possible to ask questions without having them posted?

A: Yes, of course! I can be reached directly at 731.661.5090 or kthornbu@uu.edu and would be happy to answer any question you have privately! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Dean of Students

Date Answered: September 25, 2006

Q: After moving our son in this fall, we came home and signed up for E-nnouncements. I have yet to receive one. I just now signed up again and was told that I was already on file! Thanks for your help.

A: Thank you so much for writing! We are sorry that you have had trouble receiving e-nnouncements. I checked on your e-mail in our distribution list and found that you are indeed signed up. Our webmaster has found the "glitch" in our system and corrected it. Beginning next Monday, you should receive e-nnouncements without any problem. I will e-mail this week's edition to you directly. We are very excited that your son is here at Union! Please let me know if we can be of any further assistance to you.

Blessings, Karen Taylor, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students

Date Answered: September 19, 2006

Q: First, let me say what a wonderful beginning our daughter has had at Union Univ. We are so pleased with all that the school has done to make the transition such a success. Thank You!!! Our problem is with the bed in our daughters room. We were told to bring regular twin sheets (per residence life on parent's place). When we got to move in it was not a regular twin mattress. When I returned to KC I ordered and had shipped two sets of XL sheets, an XL mattress pad, and an XL mattress topper. These do not fit either. HELP!!!!!!! _

A: Dear Kathy: Thank you so much for your kind words!I am so glad she is having a great time! I totally understanding about the bedding issue. Let me provide background and a solution. I learned that over the past year, we have been swapping out old mattresses with better mattresses. These new mattresses are hard on one side, and more soft/egg crate on another. That way, a student can choose the side he or she wants to sleep on (sort of like a sleep number bed, only with two numbers!) However, these new mattresses are 80" or 90" depending on if they are in Hurt and Watters or McAfee. And they are more expensive, so not all rooms have them! So, some residents have a regular twin with optional bolster, some have 80" and some have 90". Here are some action steps: 1) I am working now with residence life to try and make this more clear on our web and written info. 2) They tell me that they recommend "jersey" type sheets because they strech more to fit these 80" and 90" mattresses. 3) Meanwhile, we can offer your daughter a regular twin mattress so her bedding will work! I will have her called today!

Sorry for the long answer! (It was an educational research project for me as well.) Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, and I am glad you wrote!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Dean of Students

Date Answered: September 11, 2006

Q: My daughter would like to be able to have email that is sent to her Union address automatically forwarded to her personal email address. She will then only have to check one email address to get all her mail. After scouring the Union website for help on how to do this I am unable to find it. Can you please give us instructions on how to do this?

A: Great question! It's not on the Union webpage just because I need to give you the info on the DL (down low - keeping you hip.) Technically Computing Services doesn't advertise it because 1) sometimes the persons (e.g. yahoo) mail box gets full and the Union message bounces back, but they are still responsible for the UU material and 2) Sometimes students forget to unforward it when they switch e-mails, so it creates alot of bounceback.

That being said, I know of many, many, many Union students who forward their Union mail to their e.g. "Ilovephysics@hotmail.com" account.

I'll get all the info you need when I get back to my office tomorrow, and send some written step by step info to your daughters box as well.

Great question and I hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury

Date Answered: September 04, 2006

Q: Dean Thornbury, My daughter was given a mail address for Union. I mailed her something the end of the second week of August and used the address exactly as it was given to us. Ex: UU(box #) Full name 1050 Union University Drive Jackson TN 38305-3697 The mail was returned to me. Please confirm that I've used the correct mail format. How do I know the address will work next time I send mail? My daughter moved in on the 9th of August to train for soccer. Many thanks.

A: Dear Ann: I am so sorry! That would be very frustrating! I went to the Post Office today and they said that the way you listed your daughter's address is PERFECT. That is exactly how it should be. The Post Office workers claim that they have not returned any mail this month, and wondered if it was the main downtown Post Office that returned it (they should not have, but that would have been another possibility.) But mail addressed like you have written is streaming in to Union, so please try again. Again, I am sorry that happened and I trust that it was a one time glitch. She has her Post Office box at Union and they said that she is "all set!" I hope that she is having a good time at orientation. We are all excited to support them during their first home opener on Monday! If you have any questions, please contact me at 731.661.5090 or kthornbu@uu.edu. Warmly, Dean Thornbury

Date Answered: August 28, 2006

Q: I wrote down somewhere the measurement of the height of the space between the floor and the bed and I lost it. Paul will be in the Watters complex and in the Crook building. Is there any way I can get an approximate measure of the height so that I can get some storage containers that will fit under the bed? Thanks so much.

A: Great! Jared Schuler, the director of Watters is measuring that today or tomorrow and we will keep you posted. Great question! That is a great storage space! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury

Date Answered: August 14, 2006

Q: This is in response to the missionary from Africa that is coming in August and wants to leave her daughter's stuff in Tn and not take it with them to NC. I guess if they have to leave it at the airport that I could meet them at the airport and just get her daughter's stuff for college and then bring it with Paul when he comes for the MK orientation. I live in one of Bellevue's Missionary homes in Memphis. If you want to, you can give her my name and e-mail address to see if this option would work. From what I understood in her posting, they are connecting with a flight to NC here when they get to Memphis and I'm thinking they may not have time to get her stuff to Jackson.

A: Thank you so much for your incredibly kind note! Yes, I will connect you with Joshua's family to see if they could use this assistance. Thank you again for your kind heart and offer! You are blessing both overseas and here! Warmly, Dean Thornbury

Date Answered: June 27, 2006

Q: My son, Paul Morris, is a MK and will be attending the MK orientation. I want to know how long the CLU "Learning World View and God's Design" class will last. It says on his class schedule "2006 Fall Aug. Accel Sem 2006." Does that mean the class only meets in August. Also, do you know the times of the class that all MKs have to take and whether it lasts one or two semesters. They didn't put that on his schedule when he registered in June. I am pretty sure that he has to take it and needs to have it added to his class schedule. I can't find it anywhere on the fall class schedule. I will have two sons living in the men's dorms this fall.

A: We are so excited Paul is coming to Union! We are so thankful for all our MK's. They provide such a rich diversity to our campus and bring such wonderful life experiences to share and we are blessed by them. CLU - Learning World View and God's Design - will last for the first 8 weeks. (Until around October 20th - right before Fall break.)

The MK class lasts the entire fall semester. I will have Rob Dixon contact you today. He will be able to add it to Paul's schedule, and talk about if he wants to add it to the existing schedule or replace another course with it.

Let me know if you have any questions! We look forward to seeing you in August!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Dean of Students

Date Answered: June 26, 2006

Q: My son will be a freshman in the 2006-2007 school year. We are from Connecticut, and will be shipping some of his items to the school. Will we have access to the Union University Post Office on Friday August 25, or Saturday August 26? We will be flying in to the Memphis airport on Friday morning. Thank you for this message board, it has already answered some of my questions, even though they were posted by others in years past!

A: I am so glad that your son will be arriving in August! We are so excited to meet this new class in it's entirely, and are already well into planning our orientation events. Yes, the post office will be open on Friday. It will, however, be closed on Saturday If he's coming on June 2 (a registration day), he will get his post office box. If he is not coming for June registration, he can just e-mail Linda Taylor after July 1 at ltaylor@uu.edu and get his post office box. (We have to clear out all the senior boxes, thus the July 1 date.) The post office closes at 3:30 on Friday. If you feel you might cut it close, why don't you ship the boxes to my attention earlier in the week, and I can put them in my office or try and bring them down to his residence complex Friday. That's no problem. Meanwhile, I am so glad this message board has been helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions. This is an exciting time, and we want to be as helpful as possible to you! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury Dean of Students

Date Answered: May 13, 2006

Q: We are missionaries in Moscow, Russia and our son is a freshman at Union. I have written to the financial aid dept. about what we need to do to apply for financial aid again for his sophomore year and am not getting any responses. We have submitted our FAFSA, what else do we need to do? Thanks, Teri

A: Hi Terry! I talked to John Brandt, the director of financial aid today and he said that they sent all students an e-mail about 06-07 financial aid via e-mail on the 16th. However, he is sorry you haven't heard back from the financial aid office (the good news is that they are in the process of hiring more staff!) He asked that you contact him directly with questions (jbrandt@uu.edu.) I gave him your name so he's expecting your e-mail, and Mr. John Brandt will work directly with you. Thank you for your service as missionaries, and please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anyway we can help. Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Dean of Students

Date Answered: February 18, 2006

Q: We are missionaries in East Africa. I will be bringing my daughter to Union in Aug. We will arrive in early Aug. I believe coming through Memphis by plane. WE will have a connecting flight to NC. Is there any way possible to leave the luggage that she will have only for college and not drag it along with us - or not? Still not sure what plans are for arriving there again later in the month - but things will work out. Thank you.

A: ear Kathleen: Thanks for the note and we are so excited Hannah will be coming to Union this fall! We really look forward to getting to know her! Yes, CERTAINLY you can drop of your luggage! That is not a problem. Here is the best and worst case scenarios. The best case is that her exact room is ready (e.g. cleaned and painted by facilities, that way she can leave her belongings in her exact room. The worst case isn't really that bad. It means that due to our summer campers, her "exact" room is either still being used by campers or not yet clean, so she would need to leave her belongings in another room or space on campus. But don't worry, we will work something out. Closer to the date, just contact the Director of Residence Life, Kathy Southall at ksouthal@uu.edu or 731.661.5433 and tell her the exact date, time of arrival, etc., so we can meet you and help you move things into the space. Again, we are so glad you are coming. I know it's hard to have a child at college while being so far away, but we will take good care of her! We have a great MK group as well. Thank you, too for your work as missionaries! Please let me know if you have any other questions. I look forward to seeing you. Warmly. Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Dean of Students

Date Answered: January 16, 2006

Q: I was wondering when my daughter will be finding out where she is living on campus. She'll be coming the end of this month and we haven't heard anything yet.

A: Thanks for the note! Jill in the office of residence life told me she will contact you directly this morning with not only your room, but details about the room and what to bring, etc! We are so glad that you are coming to Union. Residence Life looks forward to having you! Have a great day! Warmly, Dean Thornbury

Date Answered: January 06, 2006

Q: I have a son who is a Junior at Union this year and my middle son has applied for Union for the 2006-2007 year. I've always checked on everything through the Iris Link but I don't know how to use the new system. Can you give me some guidance? Thank you.

A: HI Betty!

Thanks for your question! Iris Link has been upgraded to

http://webadvisor.uu.edu (no www)

Just type in that url, obtain the password from your son, and you will have access to all the grade and finance information that was available on irislink.


Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D.

Dean of Students

Date Answered: October 31, 2005

Q: Not a question, just some feedback concerning moving in at Union for my first year student. We entered the campus at the main entrance, and although there were some students there, they did not try to stop us and ask us if we needed directions as to where to go. Also as I drove onto the campus, other than signs tht said "pardon our mess" there were no directional signs as to where I was to go. Now since my wife is an alum and my daughter has been to the Union Campus we knew where we needed to go to take care of paying her student bill and where her dorm room was located, BUT if I had not known where to go--there were no directrional signs from that end of campus to point us to the adminstration building, no student volunteers to ask if we needed any help with directions etc. Maybe all you families know where they are going when they get to Union, but I bet not. Other than that, the move was a good one. We certainly appreciated the help of student volunteers getting out "stuff" to the room, and the worship service Saturday evening was moving and memorable, although having students move out one way and parents go out another when you are trying to get to them to say "good-bye" might need to be thought out for your service next year (thank goodness for cell phones--or it would have taken us some time to find our daughter so we could say bye and then leave for the trip home.) Anyway, thanks for a good moving-in experience and thanks for taking good care of my daughter--she's having a good time and I expect that she will thrive at Union because she is where God wants her to be. Thanks for listening, and learning.

A: Thank you so much for your note and GREAT suggestions! We are so glad that your daughter is with us and having a good time at Union! You gave us super suggestions about spotlighting the welcome students. Next year, we will have directional signs on campus, and the student workers will have a sign (handheld or in the ground) that say "Stop! Allow us to welcome you and provide you information." You are right - several passed by these students and didn't get a chance to pick up the checklist for the day. The students will also have a map included in their current checklist. Also, good point as to how to connect after the worship service. We will work on making that process smooth since I know that can be a stressful time.

Again, I am so glad you wrote and thank you again for these terrific suggestions! (Keep them coming!) As always, if there is anything we can do, please let us know!!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Dean of Students

Date Answered: September 08, 2005

Q: My daughter will be moving in Patton 002E on the 27th. Is there a cable TV hook up in each bedroom. I know there is one in living room. Thanks

A: Good Morning Lynn, Thank you for your question! We are so excited that your daughter will be attending Union! Currently, TV hook-up is not available in any of the bedrooms in the Hurt Residence Complex; however, every living room does have cable hook-up. We request that students not "splice" the cable in order to have cable TV in their bedrooms. If your daughter ever decides to live in the McAfee Residence Complex, the rooms are set up to have cable TV in every bedroom. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 731-661-5012. We look forward to meeting your daughter!

Ema Wall, Residence Director of Hurt Complex

Date Answered: August 18, 2005

Q: Our daughter will be staying in Jackson through the summer because of employment in one of the area churches. Is there storage on campus for her "stuff" so that we don't have to transport it all back to Ohio?

A: Congratulations on your daughter's summer job! We are glad she will be in Jackson. Yes, she can certainly store her "stuff" on our campus. There is storage above the McAfee commons she can use (even if she currently lives in Hurt.) She needs to call Kelly Elliott, The RD of McAfee at 661-5148 and reserve the storage space It's a first come, first served thing, so she may need to do that ASAP because space is limited.

Also - did you know? Students can rent Union apartments all through the summer even if they are not taking classes. It's called our renters policy and very popular with students who choose to work locally in the summer. Just an option!

I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any questions, and have a terrific week! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Dean of Students

Date Answered: April 12, 2005

Q: I have a son attending Union and would like to know when tuition payment is due. I pay in full each semester and his dad uses the FACTS plan. I do not think a statement will be sent to me and was wanting to know when you would be expecting payment for the Spring and Fall terms as well as Summer if he desires to attend. Thanks.

A: In response to your question, the following dates are the anticipated due dates for student bills: Spring 2005 bills will be due the first week of March 2005 (March 1-4, 2005) and Fall 2005 bills will be due the third week of August (August 1-5, 2005). The Summer 2005 bill is a bit more complex. If your son priorty registers for the Summer terms, his bill is due before his exams are taken (either the final week of June or the final week of July-depending on whether he is enrolled for the Summer I or Summer session). If he does not priority register for either of these Summer terms, payment in full will be due the same day that he registers. The reason these dates are not as specific as a single day is that the Business Office attempts to wait until student loan disbursements are complete. This helps ensure an more accurate balance at the point statements are mailed. I hope this is helpful is planning your finances. Jennifer Howell FACTS Coordinator 731.661.5071

Date Answered: February 16, 2005

Q: Our son and daughter-in-law are graduating in May. We are planning to come from Albuquerque, NM to attend the graduation ceremony. We would like to know as far in advance as possible whether there are other graduation-related events that preceed the the actual ceremony, so that we may make appropriate travel arrangements and hotel reservations.

A: Thanks for your note, and CONGRATULATIONS! Wow! I remember when your son was a freshman and I greeting him at the Watters Complex. Time goes by so quickly. He has been a blessing to us at Union! Awards day chapel is 10:00 a.m. May 4th. If he has any academic awards, they will be given at this time. Graduation rehearsal is Friday, May 20 at 10:30 a.m. This is followed by our informal "Last Hurrah" luncheon held outside at the Grove. Tickets are free for graduates and $10.00 for family members. They can be purchased by e-mailing Gary Williams at gwilliams@uu.edu. However, Adam will get a note about lunch tickets for family closer to the date. The big day is Saturday, May 21. There is a (free) reception for friends/family/graduates in Coburn Dining Room from 2-4 p.m. The graduation is held on Union's Great Lawn at 6:00 p.m. No tickets are required for graduation. (There is a pinning ceremony Saturday for nursing majors, but I think Adam is a DMS major, right?)

Union rates for local hotels can be found at: www.uu.edu/admissions/preview/lodging.cfm

If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know! Have a great day!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Dean of Students Union Unviersity

Date Answered: January 20, 2005

Q: My daughter has previously made the Dean's List and just made the President's List in the fall semester. Our local paper has never received a press release from UU. I spoke to Mr. Elsworth, who is new, but he checked and replied that Union does not send press releases. Could you clarify and see that my daughter fills out a press release form if she has not? Thanks.

A: Thank you for your note, and congratulations on your dauther's achievement! Yes, Union does send out press releases. I just talked with Tim Elsworth (who just learned this!) and said that as soon as he received the official names from our registrar, he will send the press releases and he will be sure that one on your daughter is sent to your local newspaper. If there is no press release form on file, he will contact you or your daughter directly for that information.

Again, congratulations on your daughter's recognition. We are glad she is at Union!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury, Ph.D. Dean of Students

Date Answered: January 05, 2005

Q: My daughter is a junior in High School and extremely interested in attending Union University. I was wondering what the GPA requirements are. I have searched the site and not managed to get an answer. Thanks so much.

A: Thank you for your note! We are excited that your daughter is interested in Union! It is a great school where God is at work! I have asked Carroll Griffin to answer your specific question below! I hope it helps! His contact information is also listed in case you have additional questions. He said he would love to talk to you more! Also, please let us know your daughter's name/address so we can send her material about Union!

-------- Concerning Admission to Union University as a Freshman student : Our Admissions Committee reviews each applicant file and looks at admitting students who indicate they have the capability to become successful students at Union. Based upon our research, this is most easily accomplished when the student has a college preparation based secondary school curriculum including English (4 units), Mathematics(at least 3 units, preferably 4), Social Sciences (3 units), Natural Sciences (3 units , preferably 4), and Foreign Languages/ Fine Arts (2 units). Union needs a minimum of a 2.5 GPA in these core courses. We also need a Top 50 % rank in the graduating class and a 22 ACT/ 1010 SAT . Students not having these statistics may be considered for Admission individually by action of the Admission Committee and admitted conditionally . If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Mr. Carroll W. Griffin Assistant to the Provost & Director of Admissions 1050 Union University Drive Jackson, TN 38305 1-800-33UNION 731-661-5100 Fax 731-661-5017 cgriffin@uu.edu

Date Answered: November 08, 2004

Q: Is there a means by which I can e-mail my son at Union? Thanks.

A: Good question! Yes, there is! All students are required to check their Union e-mail account, which is s plus thier ID number. For example, s198424@uu.edu.

In the morning I will send you your son's specific e-mail account. Sometimes the students forward their e-mail to their hotmail account (e.g. Ilovemymom@yahoo.com), but they are still responsible for all the Union e-mail information. Financial aid, the academic center and professors usually communicate only by e-mail.

I hope this helps! Have a great evening! We are so glad you son is at Union!

Warmly, Dr. Kimberly Thornbury Dean of Students

Date Answered: September 16, 2004

Q: If a student has a high GPA at the end of his/her first year, is there not an honor society that he/she should be invited to? If so, then please let me know what needs to be done if he/she has not been invited as of yet. If not, then I would like to know why there is not an honor society program at Union. Thank you.

A: Thanks for your note! I hope your son is off to a great start at Union! While Union does not have an overall honor society for freshman with high GPA's, many disciplines offer honor societies, for example Delta-Psi Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the honor society for history. The student should ask their department chair if his or her department has an honor society.

Students with high GPA's are recognized in the following ways. Those with a semester GPA of 3.5 or above are placed on the Dean's List. Those who earn a GPA of 4.0 are placed on a President's List. If the student filled out the paperwork with the Office of Communication (731.661.5298 ) a notice from our Office of Communication is sent each semester to their hometown newspaper for recognition.

Who's Who for Students in American Colleges and Universities are given to students who have completed 78 hours, have a GPA of 3.0+, and are recommended by a faculty/staff member.

Latin Honors are given for those who graduate with: 3.5-3.66 - cum laude 3.67-3.83 - magna cum laude 3.84+ - summa cum laude

Top students are also recognized with discipline specific awards their senior year during awards day.

Again, most of the major honors happen to top students their junior and senior year, so tell your student to keep up the great work!

I hope this answers your question! If I can clarify more, please let me know!

Warmly, Dr. Kimberly Thornbury Dean of Students

Date Answered: September 02, 2004

Q: My daughter is going to be living in the McAfee complex (Jarmon 33B) this fall. I was wondering if you could give me the measurements of the room (ie: wall space between the bed and door, closet space, space under/over the bed,desk space,size of the window, etc.) That information will help a great deal in buying new things for her dorm. Thanks for your time.

A: Good morning Sharon!

Thank you for your message! We are so glad Julie will be joining us in the fall! Our Residence Life team has requested these measurements for Julie's apartment and will email you with them as soon as they hear back from our Facilities Management group. The measurements for individual apartments vary in our different complexes and apartments. Blessings to you as you finish your preparations to come to Union!

Ashley Guinn Assistant to the Dean of Students

Date Answered: July 30, 2004

Q: My daughter will be attending Union starting in the fall and we are considering getting her a cell phone to be able to keep in contact with her loving mother and father as well as her obnoxious brothers and sisters. Do you have any knowledge on which cell phone providers have the best cell phone coverage?

A: Good morning, Doug!

Thanks for the great e-mail! (I needed a Monday morning laugh!) We are so excited Alicia is coming to Union! I wanted to let you know that most students use Nationwide Verizon or Cingular, however I am going to talk to some students from MO and see what plan they use. Also, some (50/50) of students wait until they get to Jackson to obtain their service. (Although Union offers a long distance code, most students use their cell phone or phone cards from Sam's in order to call long distance because it is much less expensive.)

Let me do some research with some students today and I'll write you back today! Have a great morning!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury Dean of Students

Date Answered: April 26, 2004

Q: My daughter and I are coming for a campus visit January 19th and I have a question ahead of time: Does my daughter need to have transportation to get around outside Union? We are wanting to avoid providing a car and insurace, etc and are hoping that there might be some public transportation? Thanks.

A: Thank you for your note! We are glad you are taking time to visit our campus and hope you have a terrific visit on the 19th. Many students at Union do not own cars. Many shops (e.g. Target and Kroger) are within walking distance, and many churches have vans that pick up students from the residence complexes. Also, since many students do have cars, they are always more then willing to take students without cars where they need to go. Yes, Jackson does have a public transportation system. The Jackson Transit Authority can be reached at 731.423.0200. They have a bus stop directly across from Union's campus. However, most students do not use public transportation because they find that they quickly make friends who have cars. I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any additional questions. Have a wonderful and blessed holiday Christmas! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury Dean of Students

Date Answered: December 17, 2003

Q: I would like to know what the grade scale is for Union. Thank you.

A: Great question! The Union University academic catalogue cites the grading scale as follows: 95-100 - A 85-94 - B 75-84 - C 65-74 - D Below 65 - F (pg. 16.)

However, professors have the authority to alter the grading scale for particular courses. If such a change is made, it will be printed in the course syllabus handed to all students in the class at the beginning of the semester. If you have any additional questions, or would like to to check on a grading scale for a particular class, please do not hesitate to let me know!

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury Dean of Students

Date Answered: October 02, 2003

Q: My daughter is a 2003 graduate of Union--now employed as a teacher!! My son, Matt is a junior in political science. They both have been very happy with their Union experience. Several students from this area have come to Union over the last few years, many as a result of input from my kids. Nancy and I would be happy to host a student preview event in this area. The closet event historically has been Paducah, KY---a little over an hour away. We would like to see other young people from our area benefit from the positive experience provided by Union University. Plesae feel free to contact me if there is any interest.

A: Thank you for your encouraging e-mail. Yes! We would certainly welcome your help with a recruiting reception! I have forwarded your message to Robbie Graves, Director of Enrollement Services and Dr. Kathy Chute, Associate Vice President for Enrollment and University Relations. They will contact you directly. Thank you again for your note, and for being willing to help Union in such a practical way! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury Dean of Students

Date Answered: September 29, 2003

Q: last quarter my son lived in a dorm that did not have a kitchen this quarter he is moving to one that does have a kitchen how will we go about changing his meal plan?

A: When a student changes from a room without a kitchen (12 meal plan required) to a room with a kitchen, they are automatically changed in our computers to a 7 meal plan. Your change in housing cost will rise with a kitchen, from $1,250 to $1,420 but your meal plan cost will drop from $925 to $640.

However, if at any time a student needs to change his/her meal plan during the school year they can go to Union Station in the Penick building and they can set you up!

I hope this information is helpful, if you have any further questions you may call Kathy Southall, Director of Residence Life at 731.661.5433.

Date Answered: January 29, 2003

Q: What gpa does a student have to have to be on the deans list? Do you send any kind of letter to the parents if they make the deans list?

A: Congratulations on your son making the Dean's list his first semester at Union!!! In order to make the Dean's list, a student must earn a minimum 3.5 GPA for the semeter. Parents are not notified, however if the student filled out a "hometown release" form during orientation, our Office of University Relations sends press releases to the local newspapers. I am currently checking with that office to see if your son filled out a hometown release form! If they do not have a hometown release on file for him, I will send the form to his box and ask him to fill it out (Name/address of local newspaper.) Finally, even though our Office of University Relations does send out hometown release forms, sometimes the local paper does not always print them.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 731.661.5090 or kthonbu@uu.edu. Have a great weekend!

Date Answered: January 10, 2003

Q: Our daughter's last final before Christmas break is at 10am on Thursday.She has to drive 12 hours to get home.She says the dorm will close Thursday night. We do not want her to be driving home that late in the day.Could she spend the night thursday night in her dorm, so that she can get a good night's rest before making the 12 hour trip home? Thanks!

A: Congratulations on her finishing her first semester at Union! Yes, your daughter can certainly stay in her room Thursday night so she can get a fresh start in the morning. (Normally students are required to leave 8 hours after their last final, but we make exceptions in cases exactly like this one!) Even though your daughter is not leaving until Friday, she would need to sign some checkout paperwork at the RA desk Thursday night until 1:00 a.m., or she can sign out Friday (the commons opens at 10:00 a.m. - but she might want to leave town before that time.) The Thursday night stay would be free of charge. I hope that helps! We will be praying for her as she travels home for the holidays. Thanks again for the note and Merry Christmas! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury Dean of Students 731.661.5090

Date Answered: December 06, 2002

Q: Do students have to move completely out of their rooms over Christmas Break? My son lives in McAfee.

A: We hope you had a great Thanksgiving! No, students do not need to move out of their rooms over the Christmas Holiday, even if they will not be here over J-term and will return for the spring semester. The Residence Life Team will provide each resident with a list of things to be done before they leave for the break (turn down heat, empty fridge, unplug cords, ect.) If your son is moving to a NEW room next semester, he will need to move his belongings to his new room before he leaves for break. Finally, although students can leave their "stuff" in the rooms over the breaks, they still are required to turn in their keys to the RD's over the holiday. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 731.661.5433! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury Dean of Students

Date Answered: December 03, 2002

Q: My son is a senior in high school and is very interested in attending Union. He has surrendered to full-time Christian ministry. Does Union provide a discount to students who are majoring in Christian ministry?

A: Thank you for your note! Union University has an incredible Christian Studies Department, and we encourage you and your son to visit us during a Preview Day this fall! Just call us at 1.800.33.UNION for the 02-03 dates and to register. Union does offer a "Church Convention Ministry Scholarship." Students who have committeed to full time Christian Ministry, are members of a SBC church and plan to major or minor in the Department of Christian Studies will receive $1,000 per academic year. A seperate application for this scholarship is required. Minister's Dependant scholarships for full time SBC or SBC agency employees are also available. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the financial aid office at 731.661.5015.

Date Answered: September 11, 2002

Q: My daughter will be a 5th year senior in the fall after changing majors in her sophomore year. She will be considered a part-time student during the fall semester and a full-time student in the spring semester. She will graduate in May of 2003. I was wondering if Union offers any type of health insurance to students (part-time and full-time) that we can purchase for her since she will not be covered under our insurance during the fall semester.

A: Yes! Union offers coverage through the Sentry student insurance plan. Since the plan offers several options, we will mail you a brochure and application today! Please let us know if you have any questions once you receive the brochure later this week! Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury Dean of Students

Date Answered: August 12, 2002

Q: My son, his father and I are excited he going to this school. We want to know which room he will be in and who his roomates will be? Will he have a kitchen and if not, how will he beable to purchase a microwave and refrigerator? Will he beable to share this cost with others? Is there transportation for students who have to leave the campus during the closed residence times to the airport in Nashville or Memphis? Or do they have to find their own transportation? Such as a bus or taxi? Will my son have a job on campus?

A: Dear Susan: Thank you for your note to parent's place! It is my understanding that you talked with the residence life office today. I hope they answered all your questions! We are excited that Drew will be joining us this fall.

Drew does not have a workship job on campus (all on campus jobs are currently filled), but there are many jobs within walking distance to the University. You can also check out the career services website for a listing of their part time job postings. They can be found under student life. The password for employment opportunities is "future." If you have additional questions, please feel free to call or e-mail me at kthornbu@uu.edu or 731.661.5090.

Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury Dean of Students

Date Answered: July 24, 2002

Q: Our son, Andy Morris, is an entering freshman. He is an MK from South Korea. We were wondering when he was going to find out which dorm, room, etc. he is going to have and if it has a kitchen and who his roommates are, if that is known. Can you e-mail that information to us since all our mail from Union goes to our permanent address in Memphis, TN and we don't get it until about 6 weeks later. Andy will not be able to attend the June registration or honors meeting. We will not arrive in the states until July 31. We would like to have his address and his phone number as soon as possible.

A: Good morning! Thank you for your note! We are excited that Andy will be joining us this fall! Housing assignments will be completed by tomorrow, so we can e-mail you with all the requested information this week! I will also check with our admissions office to be sure that someone registers for him on Friday. Also, Dr. Randall Bush is in charge of the honors program and I am certain he will be able to answer any questions you have. He can be reached at rbush@uu.edu. Again, we will let you his room information this week! Also, one other contact. Melinda Jordan is the MK coordinator - she is wonderful!!! Just in case you have any questions before MK orientation, she can also be reached at mjordan@uu.edu. Warmly, Kimberly Thornbury Dean of Students

Date Answered: June 18, 2002

Q: "My son, a freshman this year, wants to stay through the graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 18, 2002. The dorm apparently closes on Thursday the 16th. We live in Albuquerque, NM. Obviously, he can't come home on the 16th and still attend graduation. Does he simply need to move out on the the 16th and try to rent a motel room for two days or are there accomodations of some sort available on campus till the afternoon of the 18th? (Realistically, he could not fly home in any event till Friday at the earliest, because he has final exams on Thursday.) So, what are the student's options in this situation?"

A: We are excited that your son would like to attend the graduation ceremony to see some of his friends graduate ! Graduation is a time of celebration and this year it will be very special since it will be our first graduation ceremony on the newly completed "Great Lawn." Each student's Housing Contract period ends six hours after their last final exam and the Residence Complexes do officially close for non-graduates on Thursday, May 16th at 5:00p.m. Any student who wishes to spend the night after the Residence Complexes closes is more than welcome to do so. All they need to do is go to the Commons of their residence complex (no later than 2 days before the complexes close) and complete the information on the Sign-up list specifying the nights they would like to stay. The cost is $10 per night. There is a charge for these extra nights because the cost for these nights during breaks is NOT calulated into the total housing fee. Instead of including this charge in EVERY students' housing fee, the university felt it was best to only charge the small number of students who DO stay. To assist families in making prior flight arrangements or travel plans for times the Residence Complexes are closed, we publish ALL of the Opening and Closing dates of the Residence Complexes for the entire year in the following three university documents: (1.) the Union University Undergraduate Academic Catalogue; (2.) the Union University Academic Planner and Campus Life Handbook; and (3.) the Residence Life Calendar sheet that is given to each student in June with their housing assignment. We also include information about the housing contract period as well as the $10 per night charge for housing during breaks.

Again, we are excited that your son as well as others are choosing to stay for this year's graduation.

Date Answered: May 06, 2002

Q: Are the dates already established for the 2002-03 school year? I especially need the dates regarding the entrance/arrival of MKs/International students. Thank you for your helpfulness.

A: We are excited for your arrival to Union! MK and International students have a separate orientation the begins BEFORE the orientation required for all freshmen. The International Orientation traditionally begins with a dinner at my home on Wednesday evening, August 21, 2002. Students can check-in to their apartment in residence life on Wednesday afternoon, August 21, 2002. This is a required orientation for both international students and MK's. Please call me if you would like more detailed information!

Melinda Jordan International Student Liasion 731.661.5031 mjordan@uu.edu

Date Answered: March 18, 2002

Q: How long do the curtains need to be for the closet? We know that the closet is 4' wide but my grandmother is making my curtains and she needs to know how long to make them.

A: From the question on Parents' Place, I thought that this student might be an incoming FR so I double-checked because that would mean that she will not have a SPECIFIC housing assignment until after we place the returning students during the Housing Sign-up process a couple of weeks after Spring Break. In turn, that means that we are not sure of the WIDTH of her closet (but she said she "knew that the closet is 4' wide"). True, MOST of the closets ARE 4" wide but in the smaller bedrooms (ex. C bedrooms or bedrooms by the porch) the rod in the closet may be 4' but the "opening" to the closet may only be 2'. It would probably still be wise to make the curtain 4' though because she may be in a bedroom with a 4' closet. Even if she isn't at first, she will eventually be in a bedroom that does have a 4' closet and until then she can just "gather" or "scrunch" the curtain at the top like one would a shower curtain.

I checked not only the measurements for the closet, but also on this student because I did not have a housing deposit from her so I was concerned that she was making curtains for her closet but has NOT secured a room yet. I double checked with Enrollment and they said that according to their records in the computer, she has definitely been accepted but has not paid the tuition dep. or the housing dep. yet. (The only possibility is if she just paid it the last couple of days but it has not been entered into the computer yet.) I wonder if she is aware of that?

Here are the measurements of the height of the closet:

1.) the height from the floor to the metal rod in the closet to hang clothes on: 5 feet, 5 inches

2.) the height from the floor to where the closet ends and the storage area begins over the closet

5 feet, 8 inches

Depth of closet = 2 feet

Date Answered: February 22, 2002

Q: Is there a health insurance program available for a full-time student?

A: Happy New Year! Union does offer a health insurance program for all full-time students through The Sentry Student Security Plan. There are two kinds of coverage (basic to more extensive) at a cost of $18/month or $43/month for the single student under 24. They also have a dental plan available for $16/month. For more detailed information, please allow me to send you a brochure (e-mail me your address at kthornbu@uu.edu or call me at 731.661.5090.) Most of our students (over 97%) are still covered by their parent's health insurance, which is usually effective until the time they graduate.

Date Answered: January 02, 2002

Q: What is the best way to get money to our student? I heard that we can add money to her "Dawg tag", but I'm not sure how this is done or how this money is accessed. We can always mail a check, but I just wondered if there were other avenues available, like wire transfers, etc.

A: Your student will always enjoy receiving money! There are several ways to get money to your student.

The best way to get money is to send a check directly to your student. Students can cash checks up to $100 at Union Station, directly on campus. You can make the check out to Union University OR your child's name. The student can simply sign the check over to the Unviersity at Union Station and get the cash immediately.

You also can send money to Union Station and ask that the funds be placed on the student's Dawg Tag. However, Dawg Tag funds can only be used at the bookstore and the Lexington Inn.

We do not recommend wiring money to your student, but if you wish to do that, you must make special arrangements with Robert Simpson, Associate VP for Business Services at 731.661.5219.

Also, many students do own credit cards for emergencies. However, we do not allow credit card companies to solicit on our campus. In fact, we conduct credit card and debt education to our students at least once a year. If your child does have a credit card, sometimes it is helpful to limit the amount of credit available. Most students will be able to charge thousands of dollars on their card, and therefore you need to call the company and request the smaller credit cap.

Date Answered: August 30, 2001

Q: Are the beds in the dormitories extra-long, requiring the purchase of extra-long linens? Also, is there any type of curtain rod available? If so, what type? Thank-you

A: Good question! The bed frame is actually quite long. However, in the space we provide a regular twin size mattress and an additional bolster at the foot of the bed to fill up the space. So you will only need to buy regular twin sized linens for the bed. However, if you want to cover both the regular size mattress plus the bolster, you would need to purchase an extra long twin size mattress. Most of the windows in Hurt and Watters are 6x4. The McAfee Complex rooms have various sizes. Your son's room has a window that is 70" x 34". There are venetian blinds on every window and if you would like to hang curtains you can purchase the inexpensive metal sliding rods that only require 2 small nails to hang. I hope this answers your questions. Please feel free to call or email if you have any additional questions. See you in August!

Date Answered: July 26, 2001

Q: I would greatly appreciate a link to a pictorial view of a standard dorm room, together with a schematic drawing that gives the dimensions of various aspects of the dorm room - from the "closet and desk area to the area that encompasses the bed and the available "open" floor space. Are there any built-in dresser drawers? I also would like to know where our Union student will store his suitcases and trunk, extra clothes, the provided chair (he plans to purchase a computer chair), etc., during the school year. If we want to replace the provided mattress with a new one (he did not "test it out" when we were there last month), where would the provided one be kept? Can you help?

A: That's a great question and I hope this will help others who see it as well. As far as viewing the rooms you can go to Union's website www.uu.edu, click on Student Life, click on Residence Life, then click on Description and Views of Housing at the bottom of the page. That will give you a virtual walk through of the rooms plus a floor plan of the suite layout. There are standing dressers in each individual bedroom with 4 drawers. There is ample space on a shelf that is almost 2 feet deep under the ceiling that goes around the room on 2 walls. It is perfect for storing extra boxes, clothes and suitcases. There is also space under the built in beds that is large enough for suitcases as well. All of the furniture (mattress, chair, dresser, table) that is provided in each of the bedrooms and living rooms has to stay in the apartment and cannot be removed. There are only 2 chairs with the kitchen table in kitchen apartments so he can put his desk chair up to that table. If he doesn't want 2 mattresses on his own bed (which is actually quite comfortable) you might want to have your son check with one of his roommates to see if they want to "use" his mattress on their bed to give them more "cushion" with 2 mattresses. If you have any other Residence Life questions please feel free to email ksouthal@uu.edu or call at 731-661-LIFE (5433). I hope this helps and we look forward to seeing your son in August!

Date Answered: July 18, 2001

Q: Will a chair for the desk be provided in the private room, or should we bring our own chair?

A: That's a great question! There is a desk chair already in each of the private bedrooms. They are straight back wooden chairs with cushioned seats. If you would like to bring your own you may do so, and move the other one elsewhere in the apartment. If you have any other specific Residence Life questions you may email the Director of Residence Life, Kathy Southall at ksouthal@uu.edu or post the question to Parents Place. Please let us know if you need any further assistance. We look forward to seeing you and your student in the Fall.

Date Answered: May 25, 2001

Q: With graduation appraching May 16th, We partents know that packets were delievered to our students giving all the details, however, our students live on campus and we parents would like to have the same information on this web site giving us the details for this very special day. Please provide the activities along with the time our students will be attending these activiites prior to 6:00 pm that day. thanks

A: Graduation is an exciting time! May 2001 Graduation activities include:

Awards Day: Monday, May 7, 10:00 a.m. Chapel

Graduation Rehearsal: Friday, May 18, 10:30 a.m. Chapel

Graduation Luncheon for graduating seniors: Friday, May 18th, 11:30 a.m. Sponored by Alumni Services. Tickets are free for seniors and $10.00 per guest. Reservations must be made by May 14th in Alumni Services - 901.661.5208.

Recognition Service for those receiving a BS in Nursing: Friday, May 18, 7:00 p.m. Chapel

Baccalaureate: Saturday, May 19th, 11:00 a.m. Chapel

Graduation Reception (Families and other special guests are also invited, free of charge): Saturday, May 19th, 2:00-4:00 Coburn Dining Room

Graduation Exercises: Saturday, May 19th, 6:00 p.m. East Lawn (students should arrive to the C-corridor by 5:00 for robing and line-up)

Date Answered: April 04, 2001

Q: Is each student required to submit a new application for financial aid and will these be sent to the students or do they need to pick one up from the Financial Aid office?

A: Union students already receive reapplications for financial aid in their campus mailboxes in late February. Reapplications for the 2001-2002 school year were posted in campus mail February 20, 2001. If a student does not have a campus mail box, the application will be mailed to their home address. If by chance, someone doesn't receive a reapplication, they can stop by the financial aid office and pick one up. (answered by Bryan Nelson, Assistant Director of Financial Aid) 901.661.5407

Date Answered: February 21, 2001

Q: Our daughter worked for UU and was paid by a credit to her account. This was listed on the account as a workship. Now that tax season is here, we need to know if she will receive a W-2 form for this income and whether it is taxable and needs to be included as income on her federal tax return and also on her FAFSA form. Can you help us by giving some additional information on "workships"?

A: Bryan Nelson, our financial aid officer explained, "You do not need to count workship as income. Workship uses institutional funds to pay the students, and the funds are treated as scholarship. Your daughter should not report the amount as taxable income, but instead treat it like scholarship money." I hope that helps! If you have further questions, please contact Bryan Nelson at bnelson@uu.edu or 901.661.5407. Thanks again for using Parents Place! Have a terrific weekend!

Date Answered: February 16, 2001

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