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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the School of Education is to prepare educators of character and competence who reflect Christ as they serve and lead in their schools and communities. The School of Education offers varying programs of study to prepare students who want to teach and engage the classrooms of the world.

Areas of Study

The Teaching and Learning major prepares teachers to teach typically developing elementary-age students. The major leads to initial licensure with the elementary K-6 endorsement and includes a year-long internship. Students have the option of adding either the Early Childhood (PreK–3) and/or Middle Grades (4-8) endorsement. All students choosing the Teaching and Learning major must also complete Interdisciplinary Studies as a second major. The Interdisciplinary Studies major gives students the necessary content to teach in the elementary grades. The Special Education major prepares students to teach special needs youth in the areas of Modified Special Education (K-12) and Comprehensive Special Education (K-12) and includes a year-long internship.

Completers of the Teaching and Learning major with the Interdisciplinary Studies major or the Special Education major with a professional education minor, together with the general education core, comprise the academic course requirements for a teaching degree at Union University. All transfer students must complete the year-long internship with subsequent courses.

Teaching candidates who desire to serve typically developing elementary age students also have another option. They may choose a “four plus one” option, which includes a bachelor’s degree and the Intensive Licensure Master of Arts in Education degree. They may choose to major in a school content area such as science (biology, chemistry, physics), mathematics, social studies (history, government), or language arts (English, languages, TESL) with a minor in another content area for their four-year studies, graduate with the bachelor’s degree, and move immediately into the M.A.Ed. intensive program which begins each August and graduates candidates the following summer. In addition to earning a master’s degree, candidates earn initial licensure.

The graduate programs offered by the School of Education are available on the Jackson, Germantown, and Hendersonville campuses and include the M.Ed., M.A.Ed., M.U.Ed., Ed.S., and Ed.D. The Doctor of Education is the highest professional degree offered in the field of education and has two Educational specializations at Union: School Administration (offered on three campuses), and Higher Education Administration (offered on the Jackson campus with a distance learning format).

The School offers programs for the preparation of teachers, principals, curriculum supervisors, and higher education administrators. The School of Education, with its undergraduate and graduate programs, is the largest academic enterprise at Union.