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Tennessee Names Shrewsberry in Physics

April 30, 2010 - Amber Shrewsberry, a 2007 graduate of Union University, has received the 2010 Outstanding Tennessee Physics Teacher Award presented by the Tennessee section of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Amber writes... "I graduated from Union University in May of 2007 with a major in Physics and a minor in Human Studies.  The following August, I was hired by the Crockett County Board of Education as a Physics teacher. During the same time,  I was asked to teach some of the Physical Science labs, as an Adjuct Instructor in Union's Physics Department. It was a busy fall.

As a first year teacher at Crockett County High School, I was delegated to be one of the "roaming" teachers.  Physics (actually, science in general) is a very difficult class to teach when you have to carry your supplies everywhere. I asked our principal, Steve Ramsey, what I could do to secure my own classroom for my second year.  He mentioned that Crockett County needed another Math teacher, so over the summer I earned my Math certification.

Currently, I teach Physics and Math in my very own classroom.  I have been teaching for three years, and am tenured at Crockett County High School.  My Physics class does a lot of hands-on activities.  We make music with pipes, launch Nerf missles, and make fire with a magnifying glass (under close supervision, of course).  

All of this led to my nomination for Physics Teacher of the Year by Dr. David Ward of Union University's Physics Department. The award is presented by the Tennessee Chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers (TAAPT).  I recieived the award on March 27, 2010, with my husband and Dr. Ward in attendance.  It gave me a great feeling of accomplishment and has spurred me to be a better teacher for my students." Congratulations, Amber!