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Fully Online Master of Education Degree in Teaching and Learning Includes iPad Technology

June 24, 2013 - Union University’s School of Education is pleased to announce that its innovative Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree program will now be offered fully online beginning in August, in addition to continuing to be delivered as a face-to-face degree program. The fully online degree, like its traditional counterpart, was designed with the classroom teacher in mind. The coursework focuses on helping teachers become more effective in applying the principles of teaching and learning, as it enhances their professional knowledge, practical abilities as a teacher, and skills as a classroom relater.

The degree program includes an iPad with enrollment, meaning that all students will be able to use mobile technology in their coursework. One of the key methods for iPad use in the program calls for students to use the mobile technology to video themselves implementing specific best practices in their classroom. Then, the students can share the video with their professor and classmates to obtain constructive feedback about their implementation, based on what was taught in the course.

“The online M.Ed. is truly a twenty-first century degree, as it is intentional in situating iPads as learning tools, not as the focus of study. This is not an iPad degree. It is a degree to help teachers become more effective at teaching and learning,” states Dr. Eric Marvin, Associate Professor of Education and Director of Online Instructional Innovations for the School of Education.

The M.Ed. degree is a standards-based program that identifies educational theory as important, but it views such theory as a foundation to practical and intentional classroom decision-making.

Dr. Stephen Marvin, Assistant Dean of Education on Union University’s Germantown, TN campus, and Eric’s brother, indicates, “We recently revised the M.Ed. for our face-to-face degree program, prior to taking the degree fully online. The value-added tenor of the degree is clearly on display with the exit requirement of a teaching Performance Exhibition.”

Dr. Tom Rosebrough, Executive Dean of the College of Education and Human Studies, adds, “Even with an online delivery system, our M.Ed. will reflect our university’s attention to the whole learner’s deep understanding of the synergy among academic, social, and spiritual educational opportunities.”

The online degree program is now accepting applications for its August cohort. More information about how to apply can be found online at: http://www.uu.edu/med .