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Secretary of State visits Hendersonville

March 18, 2014 - Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett visited Union University’s Hendersonville, TN campus today to learn about the work that is being accomplished as a part of Union’s presence in middle Tennessee. Hargett was provided a tour of Union’s Hendersonville, TN campus, as well as given an opportunity to meet and interact with faculty and staff on the campus.

The faculty and staff at Union University’s Hendersonville campus found the Secretary of State to be very personable and open to learning about the work that Union is conducting in this part of Tennessee. Hargett visited the campus with his son and spoke briefly about the importance of education, technology, and social media.

In relation to Hargett’s visit, Dr. Charles Lea, Executive Director of Union’s Hendersonville, TN campus, said, “ I am so pleased to have Secretary Hargett visiting our campus today.  As a west Tennessee native, Tre was already familiar with Union, but we were pleased to showcase our Center in Hendersonville and make him aware of the educational and training services provided by Union in the mid-state.  Secretary Hargett is an innovative executive who is a true servant leader. ”