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Dr. Rosebrough Addresses Enkuklios Paideia

November 7, 2003 -

Dr. Tom Rosebrough, Dean of the School of Education and Human Studies, presented the main address at the November 6 meeting of Enkuklios Paideia - the Circle of Learning, on the Union Campus. These meetings provide a forum for scholarly papers. Each paper has a response from a Union faculty member. Dr. David Thomas gave the response to Dr. Rosebrough's address.

Dr. Rosebrough spoke compellingly and passionately about 18th Century events with past and continuing influence on American Education. He explored the philosophies of Locke and Comenius during the introduction,and continued with a discussion of (Benjamin) Franklin's Academy and Rousseau's "Emile". His presentation concluded with a discussion of "Four Gifits" to Education - skepticism, student-centered education, education as a natural right, and the scientific method.

The discussion period following the main presentation and response indicated a high level of interest in the issues of Dr. Rosebrough's paper.