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Transfer Students

We are thankful that you decided to continue your college path here. We can assist you in your journey into the teaching profession.

Some professional education courses, as indicated in Union’s Undergraduate Catalogue, require full admission to the Educator Preparation Program (EPP). As a transfer student, it is imperative that you move quickly toward admission to the EPP so you will not be delayed in taking those courses. The following list outlines what you must do.

  • Prior to or immediately after starting at Union, make an appointment with the Assistant Dean for Teacher Education to discuss EPP admission requirements. This appointment can be made by calling 731.661.5391.
  • If you did not take the equivalent of EDU 150 Foundations of American Education at another institution, register for that class in your first semester at Union.
  • If you took the equivalent of EDU 150 Foundations of American Education at another institution:
    • print Union’s Undergraduate TEP application, complete the front and back, and submit it in the TEP suite in Blasingame Academic Complex
    • submit with the application a copy of your ACT (composite 22) or SAT (combined score of 1020) score report or, if you do not have either of those minimum scores, schedule a time to take the CORE reading, writing, and math tests
    • submit with the application documentation that you completed a field experience in a P-12 school prior to entering Union (course description from catalogue, syllabus from course, or time sheet with teacher’s initials/signature)
    • complete the background check/fingerprinting to be submitted directly to Union from TBI
    • schedule a time with the Asst. Dean for Teacher Education to secure the LiveText keycode and webcast site and submit the portfolio
  • Schedule the EPP interview immediately upon being notified of the dates.
  • Get liability insurance coverage through Student TN Education Association, Christian Educators Association International, Professional Educators of TN, or Union prior to beginning a course with a field experience.
  • If you are a junior, schedule an appointment with the Asst. Dean for Teacher Education for your junior audit.
  • Work closely with your advisor to take appropriate coursework for your academic goals.
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